We help address the sustainability challenges of highly-traded commodities. We support governments to take the lead in creating national environments where sustainable commodity sectors can grow. This means facilitating neutral spaces where stakeholders can collaborate on a shared vision and agenda for action. It means building public-private partnerships. And, it means sharing what we learn through a growing community of practitioners.

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Just one year after launching the world’s first National Fisheries Platform, with GCP support, Costa Rica is making important headway towards creating a sustainable long-line industry for fishing…


Women make up almost half the agricultural labour force in developing countries. In this special series of articles, we celebrate the inspiring female leaders who are striving for sustainable…


With the click of a button, companies buying pineapples from Costa Rica – one of the world’s largest producers – can now see if their suppliers are engaged in deforestation or not.

UNDP_GCP_Palm oil smallholder

Sustainable commodities become possible when governments take the lead. We chat with Indonesian researcher, Eusebius Pantja Pramudya, about his recently published paper: “Friend or foe? The various…

UNDP_GH_SUSDEV_ESPII_Ghana_Shade trees in Cocoa Farms_Nicolas Petit-1

With cocoa driving deforestation in Ghana, this new partnership expands on existing efforts, bringing the public and private sectors together to meet ambitions forest protection goals.


More than 70 professionals from 11 countries working across 7 commodities met in Indonesia last month as part of the Green Commodities Community. Set-up by GCP in 2014, this Community - including…

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