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UNDP Colombia honored for work to build peace, end poverty

Washington—US Friends of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) today presented its annual Julia V. Taft Award to the  UNDP Colombia Country Office in recognition of its vital work to end conflict and tackle poverty and inequality in the Latin American country. “I am proud of theLue lisää (englanti)

UNDP Ethiopia provides “camel ambulances” for desert health care

As transportation is a major challenge, the camels are now not only being used as traditional beasts of burden, but also to transport seriously ill patients to health facilities (UNDP Ethiopia)UNDP in Ethiopia is providing 145 “camel ambulances” to help rural pastoralists in remoteLue lisää (englanti)


UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Antonio Banderas spotlights Horn of Africa food crisis

Geneva, New York – Film star and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Antonio Banderas today launched a global appeal to assist more than 12 million people across the Horn of Africa left in need by famine, drought, conflict and high food prices. “Today, across the Horn of Africa, people are dying from hunger,Lue lisää (englanti)

UNDP HIV programme aims to reach youth in Belize

Belmopan – UNDP is now implementing an HIV/AIDS grant agreement with Belize for programmes that notably aim to treat and prevent the disease among the Central American country’s large cohort of teens and young adults.  With an HIV prevalence of 2.1 percent among adults, Belize has theLue lisää (englanti)

UNDP Haiti receives award for "courage, commitment and teamwork"

Washington - The US Committee for UNDP presented its second annual Julia V. Taft Award to the UNDP Country Office in Haiti on April 29, 2010, in Washington, DC. The Award, named in memory of the first Director of UNDP’s Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery, was presented in recognitionLue lisää (englanti)

UNDP Nigeria calculates its 2009 carbon footprint

UNDP in Nigeria has just concluded the calculation of its carbon footprint for the 2009 operational year. The Office has also kick-started activities to disseminate and replicate the results using United Nations Greenhouse Gas calculators in Nigeria, with the aim of utilizing the data to help theLue lisää (englanti)

UNDP Responds To Afghan Report

The recent article posted on ProPublica fails to capture the scope and depth of the UN Development Programme’s assistance to the Afghan people during this electoral process.UNDP, and the international community, has made a conscious decision to work through Afghans and Afghan institutions,Lue lisää (englanti)

UNDP Responds to Disasters in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Photo: Jason Gutierrez/ IRINManila - Police evacuate an elderly couple from a flooded section of suburban Pasig city east of ManilaNew York - The last days of September brought destructive havoc to three countries in the Pacific rim. On 29 September a powerful undersea earthquake sent multipleLue lisää (englanti)

UNDP Response to Fox News Report on DPRK

As “Response to Fox News journalist George Russell following his repeated mischaracterization of UNDP’s operation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”Dear George,As Ronald Reagan once said: “here you again.” Every time you mention UNDP or the UnitedLue lisää (englanti)

UNDP Statement on Sudan

The Government of Sudan has requested the departure of the United Nations Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator, and Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Progamme (UNDP) and the UNDP Country Director. UNDP is coordinating with the UN and with the Government of SudanLue lisää (englanti)

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