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UN agencies combine efforts to tackle gender-based violence on this year’s International Women’s Day

The renewed effort focuses on what drives men to become violent and asks what can be done to stop it Bangkok, Thailand - Today on International Women’s Day, women and men around the globe come together to rally, discuss and take action to stop violence against women and girls. The United NationsLue lisää (englanti)

UN agencies laud agreement on REDD+ reached in Cancun

Heads of the three UN agencies involved in the UN-REDD Programme (FAO, UNDP and UNEP) call the REDD+ agreement a positive step forward in the conservation and sustainable management of the world's forests Geneva, Switzerland- The UN-REDD Programme, a collaborative initiative of the Food andLue lisää (englanti)

UN and government specialists discuss global anticorruption efforts in Brazil

Brasilia - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) opened today a two-day meeting with 90 anticorruption experts from 50 countries in Brasilia, Brazil, to assess global trends and challenges, share best practices on how to prevent and control corruption and boost transparency andLue lisää (englanti)

UN assists flood victims in Ouagadougou

The local authorities are still busy trying to count the number of people affected by the flood.  Zouarata Ouedraogo lost her house and belongings and came for the registration where she reports the status of her family (Photo: Kerstin Gosse/UNDP)“Early in the morning, water began to pourLue lisää (englanti)

UN attack in Kabul

Statement by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Afghanistan Kai Eide Video Reportage from AP This is a very dark day for the UN in Afghanistan. I strongly condemn the attack this morning on a guest house here in Kabul, for which the Taliban has claimed Lue lisää (englanti)

UN brings together opposing Sudanese tribes in historic peace talks

Amidst the cheering, drumming and dancing of women from  Sudan’s Missiriya tribe in Um Khaer village in the Sudanese county of Abyei, a group of Missiriya representatives from this traditionally nomadic tribe gathered on December 14, 2009  for a historic meeting with representatives fromLue lisää (englanti)

UN envoys focus on Myanmar's development

The Secretary-General's Special Adviser for Myanmar Vijay Nambiar and the United Nations Development Programme's Asia Director Ajay Chhibber arrived in the country yesterday for a five-day visit in which they will meet with Government authorities, political parties and civil societyLue lisää (englanti)

UN helping South African communities to access sustainable energy

Durban -  UN agencies and the South African government unveiled this week a pilot project that provides communities outside of Durban with access to clean energy. The project will deliver clean cooking, lighting systems and solar-heated water for clinics and schools in the district of Ilembe,Lue lisää (englanti)

UN hosts the world premiere of ‘One Day on Earth’

On 22 April 2012 – Earth Day - the feature length documentary film produced by One Day on Earth will be screened on the same day in over 170 countries worldwide, in collaboration with over 80 UNDP Country Offices. On the same day the New York world premiere will take place in the UN GeneralLue lisää (englanti)

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