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The UN system's vision for Papua New Guinea

Back in 2005, soon after Dr. Jacqui Badcock took up the reins as UN Resident Coordinator in Papua New Guinea, it became clear that this Melanesian state faced a dangerously accelerating problem with HIV/AIDS. The warnings were growing more urgent: in July 2004, the country’s health ministerLue lisää (englanti)

The UN urges calm in Haiti after elections

Port-au-Prince - The United Nations and the international community expressed their deep concern at the numerous incidents that marred the Haiti elections on Sunday, 28 November, 2010. The United Nations and the international community urge the public and all political actors to remainLue lisää (englanti)

UNDP manages global fund HIV grant to Belize

Belmopan — The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has begun implementing an HIV/AIDS grant agreement with Belize for programmes that notably aim to treat and prevent the disease among the country’s large cohort of teens and young adults. With an HIV infection rate of 2.1 percent amongLue lisää (englanti)

UNDP head meets Rwanda’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Finance

Kigali - The United Nations Development Programme’s Administrator Helen Clark has arrived in Rwanda for a three-day visit. Helen Clark’s visit is timed around the annual African Economic Conference which is co-organised by UNDP, the Africa Development Bank,Lue lisää (englanti)


The changing landscape of Afghanistan

As in most countries, Afghanistan’s future lies in the hands of its people.   Yet the challenges are huge:  Afghanistan faces enormous recovery needs after decades of war, natural disasters and a continuing cycle of violence.  Despite significant steps forward, millions of AfghansLue lisää (englanti)


The road to Durban: youth caravan highlights Africa’s changing climate

New York - On 27 November, completing a two-week drive from Nairobi, a convoy of 150 youths campaigning for decisive climate action will be greeted by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, UN officials and African performers in a large inter-faith rally in Durban, South Africa. During the rally, AfricanLue lisää (englanti)


Ronaldo, Zidane star in Match Against Poverty

A constellation of some 45 global football stars will join on December 19 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to play in the United Nations Development Programme's (UNDP) 10th Match Against Poverty. The friendly football match has been organized to raise awareness of global development challenges andLue lisää (englanti)

Thousands in rural Afghanistan hook up to hydropower

Electricity lights up the lives of Afghan villagers in the northern province of Takhar (Photo: UNDP)Kabul - More than 6,200 households in rural or remote parts of Afghanistan will be hooked into a clean power supply through water-driven energy projects launched by the United Nations DevelopmentLue lisää (englanti)


Timor Leste community seals deal to halt local conflict

Dili – A long-running and violent dispute over land between two communities in the district of Metinaro, east of Timor-Leste’s capital Dili, ended today with a dance, a prayer, a speech and the sacrifice of two farmyard animals. The celebration, including the killing of a pig and goat,Lue lisää (englanti)


Timor Leste: On the road to better informed citizens

By Christine Kearney In the lush mountain-top rural town of Maubisse, central Timor Leste, 250 local residents sit patiently listening to government representatives talk about everything from property law to domestic violence, human rights, birth registration and border passes. With a dominantLue lisää (englanti)

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