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Response to media coverage of UNDP-GEF projects

Response to media coverage on the recent evaluation of “UNDP Contribution to the Environmental Management for Poverty Reduction: The Poverty Environment Nexus.” (27 January 2011)Background:UNDP strongly believes in the relationship between poverty reduction and sound environmentalLue lisää (englanti)

Response to media coverage of shelters in Afghanistan

UNDP Afghanistan works very closely with government ministries, particularly the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, towards improving the situation for Afghan women. Through our partnership with the Government, from 2007 to 2010, total expenditure was US$6.3 million on a range of gender-relatedLue lisää (englanti)

Restoring crucial Chinese wetlands will help preserve livelihoods

 UN volunteer expert examines ditches in the Ruoergai wetlands nature reserve, Sichuan Province, China. (Photo UNV). Thousands of drainage holes scar the otherwise flawless landscape of China’s Ruoergai wetlands, constituting the single most serious threat to its high mountainLue lisää (englanti)


Right to health, right to life – high-level meeting on HIV and human rights

Human rights are essential for the response to HIV. "Right to health is right to life” - with this motto a high level meeting on HIV and Human Rights, organised by the EU and UNAIDS, took place in Brussels on 27-28 May. The meeting united representatives of the European Institutions, civilLue lisää (englanti)

Rio +20: More than $500 billion pledged by leaders across broad spectrum

Rio de Janeiro - More than $500 billion were pledged by governments, multilateral development banks, the private sector and other groups at the Rio+20 conference, which concluded on Friday. “Rio+20 has affirmed fundamental principles -- renewed essential commitments – and given us newLue lisää (englanti)

Rural Honduras to get more than US$6 million to grow business and jobs

Cajas rurales strengthen business venturesat the rural level.(Photo: UNDP)Tegucigalpa - As many as 80,000 families living outside the bank lending system in Honduras’ rural hinterlands could gain access to credit or mortgage loans through a new government initiative, coordinated by the UnitedLue lisää (englanti)

Russia's fragile far-east gets eco-boost from small grants to communities

Brown bears in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian Federation.(Photo: UNDP) Kamchatka - Aimed at cutting unprecedented levels of poaching that threaten the unique and fragile habitat of Russia’s far-east Kamchatka peninsula, communities of mostly women and indigenous people are using funds fromLue lisää (englanti)

Rwanda: Women helping lead country’s transformation

The people of Rwanda have been working tirelessly to put their country’s tumultuous past behind them, paving the way towards a more promising future where peace and stability are helping transform the country into one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. Yet in this East African country –Lue lisää (englanti)

Rwanda: Building a bridge to better governance

Terrace building, a practice encouraged by UNDP to protect farm flooding, has brought increased production to Cuyngo town. (Photo: UNDP) Syldio is a Rwandan farmer who until recently had no way of selling his crops to neighbouring districts because of poorLue lisää (englanti)

Rwanda’s reforms boost progress on school enrolment

7 May 2010, Kigali, Rwanda — When the Rwandan Government drafted the first status report on the Millennium Development Goals in 2003, the main focus was economic stabilisation.  Poverty and maternal mortality targets were completely off track.  Seven years later, it has recorded impressiveLue lisää (englanti)

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