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Qatar backs anti-corruption project in Arab States

Qatar partners with the United Nations Development Programme to implement a new Arab anti-corruption project, marking the first time that an Arab country will work with the organization on a regional democratic governance initiative. The agreement is part of a new Anti-Corruption and Integrity inLue lisää (englanti)

Rain Water Harvesting Improves Lives of Small Farmers

Rabiet is an active member of the micro-dam maintenance group in Mwembe, Tanzania.(Photo: UNDP) "If there's a bad year, we can stay up to 20 days without rain. The young crops die, that's the problem over here", says Rabiet E. Mkumbwa, 60, in front of his home in from Mwembe villageLue lisää (englanti)

Raising animals to reduce poverty and hunger in Ecuador

Representatives of various associations during the training workshops.Photo: UNDP Ecuador - Borja SantosIn collaboration with Carla RossignoliGuinea pigs are a centuries-old delicacy for the peoples of the Andes – and for more than 100 families in Ecuador, they are a source of income andLue lisää (englanti)


Reaching for the sun: Unlocking solar energy for Samoa

Samoa, like many developing small island countries, is heavily dependent on fossil fuel for power generation. Almost 70% of its energy comes from petroleum products. But these costly fuels expose the country to the unpredictable price of petrol imports and produce large quantities of carbonLue lisää (englanti)


Reaching out to people living with disabilities in Sierra Leone

A double-amputee from Makeni, two hours from Freetown, is the first reported member of the disabled community to die from the Ebola virus disease. Bound to a wheelchair and reliant on her family to live her life, she fell ill and died following the death of her mother and her child from Ebola. HerLue lisää (englanti)

Rebuilding war-torn communities in Burundi

The village of Gitukura, in the northern Burundi province of Cibitoke, has experienced firsthand the devastating consequences of two decades of ethnic conflict and civil war. Located on the Rwandan border, its inhabitants, mostly women and children, live in almost complete isolation andLue lisää (englanti)


Recognition for sustained partnership between France and UNDP

New York – With a decades-long history of cooperation between France and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), French Minister for Development Pascal Canfin and UNDP Administrator Helen Clark met today to discuss forthcoming strategic priorities. Ongoing cooperation to advanceLue lisää (englanti)

Reflections on Independence Day in South Sudan

  It seems a little strange to fall asleep in one country and wake up the next day in a completely new one, all without having moved a single step. I went to bed in Sudan on July 8th, and awoke in the Republic of South Sudan on July 9th. I was offered the chance to witness history firsthandLue lisää (englanti)


Rehabilitating Angola’s protected coastal areas

Luanda – In an important move to promote sustainable development across its national territory, the Government of Angola will step up its efforts to protect a vast natural area along the Atlantic coast. Under a new agreement, the country’s Ministry of Environment will work with the GlobalLue lisää (englanti)

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