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Mozambique and 123 UN Member States discuss small arms control

From 14 – 18 June, 124 U.N. member states, regional and UN bodies as well as 260 civil society organizations discussed how to better control small arms, reviewing the progress made  under a 2001 U.N. programme to control the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons. Representatives ofLue lisää (englanti)

Mozambique prepares for October elections

”I have voted in every election since 1994. I feel it is my right as a citizen, and I want to use it”, said Mrs. Julieta Batista from Maputo as she registered on the 28th of July. Julieta had lost her old voter card. She said she would vote on the 28th of October, the date of theLue lisää (englanti)


Multi-use engines drive empowerment in 1,000 Mali villages

Each night, Koumantou village in southern Mali would to fall into near total darkness. The only light was cast from the restaurant of local businesswoman Kadia Kone.  The scene is repeated throughout rural Sub-Saharan Africa, where 90 percent of the population lacks access to energy. ButLue lisää (englanti)

Mushrooms for Money: UNDP works to alleviate poverty in rural China

Looking pleased, farmer Liu Zehua proudly gestures toward the piles of mushrooms that his fields are now producing at an increased rate of 20 percent, thanks to a UNDP programme that has already helped a million farmers in China to ramp up production and profits while using environmentally-soundLue lisää (englanti)

Myanmar: More than 170,000 people affected by cyclone Giri

Lessons were learned from Cyclone Nargisin 2008.(Photo: UNDP)Myanmar - Efforts to assess the full scale and extent of humanitarian need in Myanmar continue after a category-four cyclonic storm last week hit the country’s western coast, affecting more than 170,000 people.An estimated 177,000Lue lisää (englanti)

Myanmar: UNDP survey shows food and income shortfalls

UNDP survey shows food and income shortfalls for cyclone-hit populationDaw Aung Khin Oo from Minbya Townshipshows her damaged house. (Photo: UNDP)Sittwe – Preliminary estimates from rapid assessments of villages in western Myanmar affected by Cyclone Giri last month show widespreadLue lisää (englanti)

Namibia: Recovering from the worst floods in 46 years

UN agencies participated in the preparation of a Flash Appeal for US$ 2.7 million to support the Namibian Government’s response (Photo: UNDP)Since early 2009, torrential rains and severe flooding in the north-central and north-eastern regions of Namibia have killed almost 100 people.Out ofLue lisää (englanti)


Narrowing inequalities and ensuring stability could usher in new economic era for Nepal, says UNDP regional chief

KATHMANDU — Nepal could become an economic success story if it manages to consolidate its hard-won political reforms and stability and focus on equitable and inclusive growth, UNDP's regional chief for the Asia-Pacific region has told the country's leaders during a three-day visit.  Mr.Lue lisää (englanti)


Nations must lead and own justice for crimes, atrocities, UNDP chief says

The Hague—Justice will be delivered globally only when individual governments themselves shoulder responsibility for dealing with crimes and atrocities, UN Development Programme (UNDP) Administrator Helen Clark said here today. The International Criminal Court (ICC) “is not by virtue of its mandateLue lisää (englanti)

Nationwide programme guarantees employment for rural Indians

Udaipur, India - UNDP Administrator Helen Clark traveled to Bhilwara yesterday as part of her five day official visit to India. She was there to visit the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme, a programme which fights poverty in India by providing employment for those whoLue lisää (englanti)

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