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Maldives: Football encourages young women to reach for their goals

With their heads held high, 21 young women step out onto the football field. The Maldives Women’s National Football team is ready for kick-off. Their mothers and grandmothers would have never dreamed of playing professional football. But a new initiative, launched in September, 2010, is helping toLue lisää (englanti)


Mali: At election time, traditional 'griots' have become messengers of peace

In his fifties, Mossa Al Mouamar Ali, nicknamed Moussa Moussa, proudly bears his traditional boubou (a light tunic and pants) hand-stitched by tailors in Timbuktu, a region currently facing a precarious security situation on the ground. Just like his father and grandfather in their time, MoussaLue lisää (englanti)

Maria Sharapova marks Chernobyl 25th anniversary

Geneva, New York  – Hundreds of thousands of people who lived and worked around the site of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident continue to suffer on the disaster’s 25th anniversary, commemorated on 26 April by Maria Sharapova, Russian tennis star and United Nations Development ProgrammeLue lisää (englanti)


Massive numbers of Malians turn out to vote in the country’s presidential election

The first round of Mali’s presidential election took place in an atmosphere of calm and witnessed considerable voter turnout, including many young people and women. On Sunday more than 6 million Malians cast their ballots in the presidential election.   "It is the first time that I haveLue lisää (englanti)

Mat-making replaces illegal wildlife trade in northern Pakistan

By Rehan Rafay Jamil20 April 2010, Islamabad, Pakistan — Faizallah, known as Faizo among his friends and family, catches turtles for living.  It is an unusual profession in Pakistan, a country where turtle meat is considered to be against Islamic dietary restrictions.  In the Dera IsmailLue lisää (englanti)


Media and technology help boost indigenous peoples’ political participation

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) is using information technology to create networks for indigenous peoples in Latin America aiming to boost their political participation. Focusing especially on the young population and women, the regional initiative is also providing training for hundreds ofLue lisää (englanti)

Media's role in elections a hot topic in Iraqi Kurdistan

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan Region - A World Press Freedom Day conference organized in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan on Sunday and sponsored by UNESCO and UNDP, saw a lively and rich debate on press freedom issues in the context of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and the upcoming regional and nationalLue lisää (englanti)

Mexico and UNDP highlight indigenous peoples’ political participation

New York – Democracy in many Latin American countries hinges largely on government action to uphold indigenous peoples’ rights and ensure their participation in decision-making, according to Heraldo Muñoz, Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the United Nations Development ProgrammeLue lisää (englanti)

Mexico's poorest state tackles extreme poverty through budget shifts

The people of Chiapas are the first in the worldto have their constitution based around theeight Millennium Development Goals(Photo: UNDP)NEW YORK - Nearly US$600 million from the budget of Mexico’s poorest state of Chiapas is to be dedicated this year to local programmes aimed at tacklingLue lisää (englanti)


Micro businesses lift rural Nepalese out of poverty

Nepalgunj - Stalls at a fair in Nepal bulged with traditional textiles, art, spices, jewelry, bamboo furniture and food.  The proud owners of these businesses are supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which has helped to build up micro businesses in rural areas likeLue lisää (englanti)

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