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In Bangladesh, poverty eradication efforts ripple through communities

By UPPR Staff20 July 2010, Mymensingh, Bangladesh — In Mymensingh, a district in northern Bangladesh, it was not so long ago that Asea Begum, 35, and her family had only one meal a day, consisting of plain rice and a few pieces of chilli.  Her growing children were always hungry.  HerLue lisää (englanti)

In DRC, an Atlas to boost renewable energies

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has adopted, for the first time in Africa, an interactive atlas of renewable energy sources. A virtual continent, the DRC has a wide diversity of natural resources, allowing it to consider a significant growth in hydro, wind and solar energy. With 600Lue lisää (englanti)

In Focus: Haiti

Earthquake in Haiti Donate: UN Foundation  Map: Earthquake damage | Population exposure Hotline for UN staff: +1 212 963 4139 Latest News Images of earthquake relief Lue lisää (englanti)

In Laos, community radio gives a voice to ethnic groups

The Khoun Community Radio in Lao PDR is entirely run by volunteers. (Photo: UNDP-Lao PDR)In Lao PDR, a country with 49 ethnic groups and a variety of languages, it is often difficult to access information in your own language. To reach those who were previously voiceless, the Ministry ofLue lisää (englanti)

In Laos, supporting local farmers helps to fight national poverty

2 June, Saravane, Laos — Oudone Vongkham, 60, lives in Naxay Noi Village, about 22 kilometres from the district of Saravane, on the southern tip of Laos.  He spends his days working on his farm.   When a new market was built in his village — with a newly paved road, linking his farmLue lisää (englanti)

In Memoriam: Fallen Colleagues - World Humanitarian Day 19 August 2013

Every year, on World Humanitarian Day, the UN family honours the lives and contributions of those who have passed away while serving the Organization. Today, we pay tribute to our United Nations Development Programme colleagues who lost their lives in a brutal terrorist attack on 19 June 2013 inLue lisää (englanti)


In Nepal, a simple solution brings light to mountain communities

Creating electricity for the planet requires hundreds of massive power plants, and a transmission grid system to deliver the power. In the Himalayan nation of Nepal, mountains impede this delivery. “Nepal is a poor country,” says Kiran Man Singh, a senior rural energy expert. “We don’t have manyLue lisää (englanti)


In Paris, Niger mobilizes $ 4.8 billion for development

Paris, France - In the wake of a major meeting of donors, Niger has collected $ 4.8 billion in substantial development-oriented funds with a focus on food security. Facing chronic food shortages and weakened by the security situation in neighbouring Mali, Niger has unveiled its new developmentLue lisää (englanti)

In Peru, restoring houses prevents disasters and preserves landmarks

An antique villa courtyard in Rimac converted into poor urban settlement for the poor. (Photo: Lorry Salcedo) In Peru about half a million people dwell in slums enclosed within historical architectural gems. In downtown Lima, UNESCO heritage site and onceLue lisää (englanti)

In Samoa, indigenous peoples use videos to show climate change damage

Indigenous peoples in Samoa are producing their own videos to voice the impacts of climate change on their habitat.  After representatives of eight villages learned film-making techniques in a series of workshops sponsored by the UNDP-Global Environment Facility (GEF) initiative, they interviewedLue lisää (englanti)

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