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Homophobic hate crimes on the rise, UN human rights chief warns

Hate crimes against lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people are rising around the world, the United Nations human rights chief said today, urging governments to do much more to eliminate discrimination and prejudice based on sexual orientation or gender identity. In a video messageLue lisää (englanti)


Honduras: Modern irrigation project boosts farmers’ competitiveness

By Ana Elsy Mendoza Rural families in central Honduras have seen their production capacity increase drastically following the creation of a new infrastructure and irrigation project. With a US$8.96 million investment, the ‘Modernization of Irrigation in Micro River Basins of the West ComayaguaLue lisää (englanti)

Human Development Indicators now on Google's Data Explorer

United Nations — Vital international development information is now available on Google via its Public Data Explorer - providing access to key data from 21 years worth of research, including the Human Development Index. “Making this information more accessible through Google gives Internet usersLue lisää (englanti)

Human Rights Day PSA

The concept of non-discrimination lies at the heart of human rights. Twenty-six of the Universal Declaration’s 30 Articles begin with the  words “Everyone…” or “No one…” Everyone should enjoy all human rights. No one should be excluded.  All humanLue lisää (englanti)

Hunger is the lack of rain

The Chefo river, close to Chicualacuala, has dried up. Communities used to fish there.(photo: Isabel Kreisler/UNDP)“Hunger is the lack of rain.” ("A fome é a falta de chuva"): these are the words of a local farmer from Chicualacuala, a small town situated in the South-westLue lisää (englanti)


Hurricane Sandy kills around 80 in the Caribbean, 1.8 million affected in Haiti

Port-au-Prince/New York - Hurricane Sandy, which ploughed through the Caribbean region before hitting the eastern coast of the United States, severely impacted several countries causing nearly 80 deaths: 60 in Haiti, 11 in Cuba, two in the Bahamas, two in the Dominican Republic and one inLue lisää (englanti)


IDB and UNDP agree to deepen cooperation

The Islamic Development Bank signed a three-year agreement Friday with the United Nations Development Programme to deepen the long-standing collaboration between the two organizations.  The statement of intent, on disaster recovery and reduction,  was signed by UNDP Administrator HelenLue lisää (englanti)


Iker Casillas encourages youth in Uzbekistan to volunteer

The 5th of December is the day when the world is celebrating International Volunteer Day. This year, the United Nations’ campaign to promote volunteerism in Uzbekistan is joined by no other than Iker Casillas, world renowned goalkeeper, captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national football teamLue lisää (englanti)


In Afghanistan, Mullahs use Islam to help women

By Sayed Barez, UNAMA The Government of Afghanistan is tapping mullahs and religious elders to make people aware of the rights women are entitled to in accordance with Islamic Laws through a programme supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The national programme, which isLue lisää (englanti)

In Bangladesh, poverty eradication efforts ripple through communities

By UPPR Staff20 July 2010, Mymensingh, Bangladesh — In Mymensingh, a district in northern Bangladesh, it was not so long ago that Asea Begum, 35, and her family had only one meal a day, consisting of plain rice and a few pieces of chilli.  Her growing children were always hungry.  HerLue lisää (englanti)

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