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Famous Iraqi musician returns to Baghdad for peace concert

More than 2,000 people from every corner of Iraq came to Baghdad last week to hear world-famous Iraqi musician Nasseer Shamma mark International Day of Peace at a concert jointly organised by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Iraqi Ministry of Culture. Shamma, who plays theLue lisää (englanti)

Farmers back on road to market in Pakistan

Road restored through a cash-for-work project. (Photo: UNDP Pakistan) “No one could reach our villages, we could not travel to visit doctors and most importantly the first post-flood crop of sugarcane, which we have managed to harvest, could not reach the market. But UNDP’s support toLue lisää (englanti)

Farmers to receive compensation for damaged property in Gaza

Jerusalem – The United Nations Development Programme and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement today allocating US$270 million for the restoration of the agricultural sector in Gaza.  The agreement consists of a compensation package to Palestinian farmers for property damagedLue lisää (englanti)

Fast Response Ignites Hope in Cyclone Ravaged Pacific Paradise

Cook Islands -- Shortly after Cyclone Pat tore through Aitutaki, one of Cook Islands’ most popular tourist destinations, it became clear that quick action to rebuild homes and livelihoods was needed to head off another blow to its fragile economy. Aitutaki is one of the 15 islands that makeLue lisää (englanti)

Fiji races to deadline for Millennium Development Goals

A family gets help with its bread business, school children receive vitamins and transportation that boost their studies, a village replants trees that replenish the environment.  These are some of the stories of hope, determination and new ideas from the Pacific nation of Fiji in its race toLue lisää (englanti)

Filipino Villagers transform once bare island into a natural park

By Mitchell P. Duran and Janette L. Garcia from UNDP PhilippinesIn the late ‘80s, the landscape of Samar Island, which holds one of the largest deposits of bauxite in Southeast Asia, was bleak and grim – treeless hilltops, swollen rivers that submerged homes, schools, churches andLue lisää (englanti)


Finally victims can explain in court what happened to them

Guatemala’s Attorney General discusses transitional justice challenges in her home country Those who deny the atrocities committed by both sides in Guatemala during that country’s 36 year civil war are among the biggest challenges to transitional justice for victims of the former regime, accordingLue lisää (englanti)


First Swahili edition of Human Development Report launched in Kenya

Kilifi, Kenya – A Swahili summary edition of the 2013 Human Development Report was launched here today by the UN Development Programme, marking the first time that UNDP’s flagship report has been available in the most widely spoken African language. The launch was hostedLue lisää (englanti)


First-ever visit by a UNDP Administrator to Namibia

“Our programmes here are strongly aligned with the country’s National Development Plan’s focus on inclusive growth, environmental sustainability, and capacity development.”  -Helen Clark Windhoek – On the first day of the first-ever visit by an Administrator of the United Nations DevelopmentLue lisää (englanti)

Fishermen abandon devastating fishing practices in Indonesia

World Environment Day 2009 > Fishermen abandon devastating fishing practices in IndonesiaWatch the larger versionFishermen in the community of Les, in Bali, used poison cyanide to stun and catch the ornamental fish that supplied their livelihood. But, after 15 years of this environmentallyLue lisää (englanti)

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