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Colombia, bringing the death toll down

 (Photo: UNODC Columbia)Despite the heavy presence of paramilitary organizations in Colombia, they are only responsible for nine percent of all firearm-related homicides in the country. In 2008, around 77 percent of the 14,000 homicides involved civilians carrying firearms, while the remaining 14Lue lisää (englanti)


Colombia: Marginalized groups increasingly involved in local governance

Bogota, Colombia – Efforts to engage Colombia’s traditionally marginalized Afro-descendants and indigenous people in local government accountability processes are beginning to pay off, with increased involvement in oversight mechanisms and improved public trust. Twice a year, through aLue lisää (englanti)

Colombia: New report puts the case for pro-poor business

Workers in Chocó, Colombia, practicesmall-scale, social and eco-friendlymining for a living(Photo: ‘Oro Verde’)Chocó - An innovative approach to business that offers the potential for new products, services and jobs to almost 20 million Colombians living below the poverty line, wasLue lisää (englanti)

Colombian initiative receives international award

Worker collects açaí berries at the award-winning Colombian project "Bosque Húmedo Biodiverso" (Photo: UNDP Colombia) Bogota - Biodiverse Rain Forest, a community organization in Chocó, one of the poorest regions of Colombia, has won an international award for its entrepreneurialLue lisää (englanti)


Colombia’s refrigeration industry promoting green economy

Bogotá - Since 2010, Colombia has been taking steps to reduce the substances that harm the environment and deplete the ozone layer, which protects humanity from more than 90 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. As of 1 January 2013, the initiative – done in partnership between theLue lisää (englanti)


Commission on Status of Women strengthens move to eliminate violence against women and girls

New York – The 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57) culminated on Friday (15 March) with Member States underlining their commitment that women and girls have the right to live a life free of violence, exploitation and abuse. The priority theme of this year’s globalLue lisää (englanti)


Community volunteers in Liberia are limiting the spread of Ebola

The number of new cases of Ebola in Liberia is decreasing each day and community volunteers’ work has contributed substantially to this result. UNDP Liberia has recruited 1,300 volunteers who are being paid $80 per month to go door to door, every day in their communities, to track down anyone whoLue lisää (englanti)


Community finds voice in first Afghan Police Film Festival

Kabul - Sixteen short films by award-winning Afghan filmmakers depicting the efforts and triumphs of the police force as well as citizens’ expectations and aspirations for law and order in Afghanistan competed in the country’s first ever Police Film Festival, held in Kabul 16-20 May. The FestivalLue lisää (englanti)

Community organizations key to fighting HIV/AIDS in Burkina Faso

 Signing in new visitors at the Association Trait d'Union des Jeunes du Burkina FasoOn the last day of her official visit to Burkina Faso, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark visited one of 176 UNDP supported community HIV/AIDS associations and spoke with sex workers about their concerns for theLue lisää (englanti)

Comoros: now « delivering as one »

The Union of Comoros has become the latest country to “deliver as one” as part of the UN reform process. Through this approach, the UN in Comoros will bring together the strengths of all UN agencies to enhance its service delivery and help the country to accelerate its progress towardLue lisää (englanti)

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