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Civil society advises on emerging development frontiers and alliances

New York – Clear civil society perspectives on policy priorities and innovation to support sustainable human development in a changing world emerged from the annual meeting of the Civil Society Advisory Committee to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).   At its tenth annualLue lisää (englanti)


Civilians march for peace in the Central African Republic

United Nations field representatives joined a youth-led march for peace this morning in Bangui, the capital. “We want to express our desire to restore the harmony that has always existed between Christians and Muslims in this country,” a participant said. Since 5 December 2013, the outbreak ofLue lisää (englanti)

Clark and senior US Officials discuss ways to achieve the MDGs

Helen Clark met today in Washington, DC with top U.S. officials to discuss multilateral solutions to global development issues.In separate meetings with new USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and Samantha Power, Director for Multilateral and Humanitarian Affairs atLue lisää (englanti)

Clark appoints Khalid Malik as head of Human Development Report

United Nations Development Programme Administrator Helen Clark has appointed Khalid Malik of Pakistan as the Director of the Human Development Report Office. Malik is currently serving as Special Advisor with the UNDP Partnerships Bureau, after completing his assignment early last year as UN RC/RRLue lisää (englanti)

Clark ends trip to Kenya; discusses reform agenda, climate change

Helen Clark and Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta leaf through Kenya's Vision 2030 Photo: UNDPNairobi - On the last day of her first official visit to Kenya, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark met with Prime Minister Raila Odinga and discussed the ongoing political and constitutional reform agenda,Lue lisää (englanti)

Clark meets with Thai officials; visits UNDP-supported project

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark met with Thailand Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kasi Piromya this week in Bangkok to discuss climate change in the run up to the Copenhagen negotiations in December. Yesterday, Clark visited a project in Sriracha Municipality ofLue lisää (englanti)

Cleaning up toxic past, Montenegro town pioneers a green economy

After two decades in the toxic shadow of a closed lead and zinc mine, a small town in northern Montenegro is seeding a greener future as it cleans up an industrial dump and restores its pristine natural surroundings. What was once a threat to human health, the environment and economic growth is nowLue lisää (englanti)

Climate change: the Zambian story

In Zambia, any change in climate can spell disaster. With a majority of Zambians depending on agriculture, even a slight change in temperature can affect crops like maize with catastrophic consequences for livelihoods.In the village of Lusitu, in the south of Zambia, the returns from farming haveLue lisää (englanti)


Cluster munitions maim and kill Iraqis every day

Iraq - Every year hundreds of Iraqis are killed or maimed by cluster munitions and landmines, due to Iraq’s contamination of millions of explosive remnants of war (ERW). According to Iraqi figures, the contamination claimed 14,000 victims between 1991 and 2007, while in the three KurdishLue lisää (englanti)


Collecting rain to address Maldives' water shortage

Nasreena Ahmed recalls how, when she was younger, her family and neighbors on Ihavandhoo Island could rely on groundwater for bathing, drinking, and cooking. But years of population growth, ineffective sewage systems, and encroaching salt water have made the groundwater unsafe to use. Now, Ms.Lue lisää (englanti)

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