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Burkina Faso: women help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS

Women from the rural village of Gassan attend an informal discussion on HIV/AIDS. (Photo: UNDP) Burkina Faso - 27-year old Assiétou was pregnant with her third child when she discovered that she was HIV positive. “I thought it was the end of the world,” she recalls. “I immediatelyLue lisää (englanti)


Burundi follows in footsteps of South Africa and Mexico in the fight against poverty

Bujumbura - In Burundi, two people out of three live below the poverty line and almost 80 per cent of the population earn less than 1 US dollar a day. Unemployment is one of the most serious problems and particularly affects young people. As a result, what initiatives could be put in place to bringLue lisää (englanti)

Burundi: supporting the electoral process

Election registration in Burundi (Photo: UNDP)After more than a decade of warfare, Burundi has entrusted the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI in French) with the delicate task of organizing the country’s second peacetime general. Following on progress achieved inLue lisää (englanti)

CSW Panel Focuses on Women’s Inheritance and Property Rights

New York - UNDP co-sponsored a Commission on the Status of Women panel, Women, HIV and Human Rights: Addressing Property and Inheritance Rights, on Tuesday that provided collective strategies that have been developed over the past few years to advocate for and uphold women’s inheritanceLue lisää (englanti)


Cambodia eco-tourism saves biodiversity, spurs livelihoods

Phnom Penh - A biodiversity conservation and eco-tourism initiative in the northern plains of Cambodia has helped to spur new livelihoods for low-income villagers near a prime bird-watching spot and to avert the demise of the White-shouldered Ibis, one of the world’s most critically endangeredLue lisää (englanti)


Cambodia: BBC Media Action, UNDP launch campaign to boost youth civic engagement

  Phnom Penh – A joint BBC Media Action-United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) multimedia campaign kicked off last week to encourage young Cambodians aged 15-24 to get involved in community-level volunteerism, voice their opinions to public officials and engage inLue lisää (englanti)

Cambodia: Fresh funds help indigenous group create eco-lake

Caption: Som Doeun, a 39-year-old Kuoy villager from Romchek, holds a fish he caught in Choam Prei lake. Credit: UNDP An indigenous community in one of Cambodia's poorest provinces has received new funding in its effort to set up an eco-tourism site at aLue lisää (englanti)


Cambodia: TV production to boost youth civic participation

Phnom Penh – As the world celebrates International Youth Day on 12 August, Cambodians are producing a mass media campaign to empower young adults aged 15-24 and encourage them to get involved in community-level volunteerism and decision-making. The campaign – toLue lisää (englanti)

Cambodia: Villages guide national strategy to provide life essentials

Phnom Penh – In villages throughout Cambodia, local councilors and communities are telling officials how the government can better meet their basic needs, holding public meetings that are proving instrumental for government efforts to raise people’s standards of living. These meetings are partLue lisää (englanti)

Cambodian Buddhist monk with an environmental crusade

Ven. Bun Saluth, a Cambodian Buddhist Monk with an environmental crusade Bun Saluth, with supermodel and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Gisele Bündchen at the awardLue lisää (englanti)

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