Millenium Development Goals


Republic of the Marshall Islands Millennium Development Goals Progress Report 2009

This report provides an assessment of where the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) stands as of 2009 in its quest to achieve the goals, targets and overall intentions of the Millennium Declaration. Much progress has been made, but at the same time there remains much work to do if the RMI is tomore


Solomon Islands Millennium Development Goals Report 2004

The Solomon Islands Government adopted and is committed to the United Nations Millennium Declaration and Millennium Development Goals. The Millennium Declaration covering issues of peace, security and development, endorsed by the world community of nations at the United Nations Millennium Summit inmore


Tonga MDGs Report 2010

This second status report reviews progress, according to the updated guidelines on MDG reporting formulated in the 2009 Addendum on MDG reporting. To the extent possible, a trend analysis was carried out to highlight status and progress on the MDGs. The report intends to offer an analyticalmore


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