Mainstreaming Agro-biodiversity into the Agricultural Production System of Ethiopia

What is the project about

Through the support of this project a marketing strategy has been developed for coffee as well as Durum Wheat, Enset and Teff.

The main objective of Mainstreaming Agro-biodiversity into the Agricultural Production System of Ethiopia (MAB) is to provide farming communities with incentives (policies, capacity, markets and knowledge) to mainstream Conservation of agro-biodiversity, including crop wild relatives into the farming systems of Ethiopia.

What have we accomplished so far

Through the support of this project five policies (Trade, Biodiversity, Environment, Agriculture and Forest) have been reviewed and final report produced. With the review of institutional Framework of the five institutions, Ethiopia was able to identify where they was an overlap of mandates and gaps that needed to be addressed. Existing community by- laws are under review.

National awareness workshop was organized for different stakeholders including members of the Federal Parliament, five regional states, as well as district and local heads of agriculture, cooperatives, land and environmental protection, trade and market development offices.

Public awareness on Agro-biodiversity has improved through programmes conducted during the national celebration of the 2012 International Biodiversity Day. 

Marketing strategy has also been prepared for four crops (Durum Wheat, Coffee, Enset and Teff) prepared. Four unique selling points were identified. One value-chain on enset fiber trading with fiber factory established.

Over 1000 volunteer farmers have now registered for producing Farmers Varieties. Enset fiber producer Farmer Associations/cooperatives are linked with sack producing fiber factory. One ex-situ field bank for Enset, one in- situ site for forest coffee and two community gene banks for durum wheat and tef (one for each) have been established.

Capacity building trainings on sustainable management of agro-biodiversity were provided for 1600 farmers in the four sites. Existing farmers associations/cooperatives have been strengthened while additional new associations/cooperatives have also established.

Who Finances it?

Financing of 3,863,000.00 USD for this project is provided by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). In kind contributions are as follows:

2,050,000.00 USD - Government of Ethiopia

2, 200,00.00 - UNDP Ethiopia Country Office

800,000.00 - UNDP Regional Office

100,000.00 -  Ethiopia Coffee Forum



Donor name Amount contributed per year (in USD)
GEF 667,000.00
GEF 1,160,000.00
GEF 987,240.00
GEF 722,000.00
GEF 527,360.00

Delivery in previous fiscal year

                      Amount disbursed per year (USD)
Project Overview
Project start date:
Estimated end date:
December 2015
Geographic coverage:
Amhara, Oromiya and SNNP regional states
Focus Area:
Climate Change, Environment and DRM
Project officer:
Wubua Mekonnen,
Institute of Biodiversity Institute