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Environmentally-friendly Renewable Energy

In Myongchon farm in Jangyon county, South Hwanghae province, as part of the resumption of the Sustainable Rural Energy Development Programme (SRED) in 2010, a mini (600 kW) hydropower turbine and generator was supplied to the local community. The local people themselves provided significant in-kindmore


Work Teams of Co-operative Seed Farms Improving Seed Production

In 2011, three co-operative seed farms were selected for pilot projects on seed production, with the technical assistance of the Food and Agriculture Organization and the financial support of UNDP. This initiative has started to bear fruit: these farms are now fully engaged in quality seed productiomore


Reduced Loss with Less Labour Inputs

In most farms in the country, the loss of grain in the post-harvest period accounts for more than 15 percent of total crop production on average. Due to a lack of proper farming machinery, farmers cut crops by hand using a sickle and pile them in stacks. Limited transportation capacity means that thmore


Wind Energy Project Improves Livelihoods in Rural Areas

In Hanchon, a district in Pyongwon county, South Pyongan province, farmers Mr. Ri Chum Uk and Mr. Kin Yong Ki have small wind turbines installed at their homes. They measure five metres high and generate 300 Watts of energy that charge individual 12 volt batteries.  The farmers say they can opemore


Saving Trees through the Sun

Because of the severely cold climate and the lack of fuel to heat houses and prepare food, people in rural areas tend to deplete nearby forests. more

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