Justice and Human Security

  • Immediate Response to the 2014 floods in Croatia

    The project “Immediate response to the 2014 floods in Croatia” aims at assisting national and local authorities in developing needs assessment for the mine suspected area that was heavily flooded in May 2014.

  • Engaging Youth to Protect the Rights of Victims and Witnesses of Crimes in Croatia

    In 2007 UNDP Croatia initiated a unique system to support witnesses and victims of crime by introducing in courts WVS offices that render practical information and emotional support to victims prior to, during and after the trial. The 7 offices established by UNDP have helped over 14 000 clients and largely contributed to more efficient criminal proceedings as evidenced by judges, prosecutors and attorneys who are increasingly using their services.

  • Response to 2012 Natural Disaster in Croatia

    Answering to the emergency in Croatia during February 2012, this project aims to boost the capacities of Croatian national and local authorities through technical assistance for helping with better needs assessment and enhanced coordination from central down to the two levels of administration.

  • Strengthening capacities of Ministry of the Interior through development of crime prevention system, victims support and arms control activities

    UNDP and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia cooperate in development of community policing/crime prevention system; small arms and light weapons collection and destruction; and strengthening the mechanism of cooperation between the police and other relevant government agencies and organizations that can provide necessary support and assistance to victims of crime.


The programme aims at enhancing the Croatian Justice and Human Security Systems by improving access to justice for all citizens, ensuring efficient judicial management, reducing illicit arms possession through collection and destruction, development of sustainable crime prevention system and building of disaster risk reduction capacities.