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Environmental Justice: Working Together to Protect the Environment

As the sun rides higher in the sky, Yi minority villager Yu Zerun begins his long journey home. On his way he will collect firewood and a bag of mushrooms to conceal the real target of his morning's expedition into the nature reserve. It is nearly time for his weekly visit to the nearby town to trad more


Harnessing public opinion for more inclusive governance

Retirement in the prefecture-level city of Binzhou, Shandong province for Lu Enlan used to be more difficult than it should have been. Born on April 12 1945, she should have been eligible to collect the state pension she needs to support herself in her old age years ago. However, a simple administra more


Sheltering Migrant Workers from the Storm

Thirty year old Xiang Jianming has been painting walls at a construction site in Beijing for six months. “I need the money to support the education of my two daughters,” he explains. “I would lose face if I went home empty-handed.” Mr. Xiang, originally from southern China, is just one of the estima more