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Poverty Reduction

Democratic Governance

  • Protect the Environmental Rights and Justice of the Public

    The project helped establish a public interest litigation system in China’s civil procedure. China’s new Civil Procedure Law endorsed the ACEF-UNDP legislative proposal to qualify Civil Society Organisations as plaintiffs in public interest litigation to the National People’s Congress.

  • Public Participation in Governance Performance Assessment for MDG Acceleration in China

    The overall aims of this project are to help establish a transparent, responsive and accountable public administration system by promoting public participation in government performance assessment (PPGPA). An analysis was undertaken of the eight typical models of local PPGPA, which summarised the patterns of current PPGPA in the Chinese national context. From this best practices and lessons learnt have been identified, the main obstacles to PPGPA’s development assessed and suggestions provided for improving PPGPA in the future.

  • Advance Leadership Programme for a xiaokang Society (Phase III)

    This project was originally launched in 2004 to help China build a Xiaokang society by introducing a tested conceptual and operational framework to guide policy making and enhance the capacity of the senior officials to effectively provide leadership.

Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Environment and Energy

South-South & Global Cooperation

  • Engaging with Chinese Companies for Sustainable Development Overseas

    To respond to the sustainable development challenges of Chinese companies “going abroad”, United Nations Development Programme (China), the research institute of Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) jointly launched the project to promote the sustainable business practices among Chinese companies for their overseas operations.

  • Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation Programme

    The Tumen River Area Development Programme (TRADP) launched in 1991, now rebranded as the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI), and has served as an intergovernmental platform for economic cooperation and exchange in the area.

  • Strengthening the Capacity of IPRCC for South-South Cooperation

    Since 2005 onwards, with the support from UNDP and other partners, IPRCC has organized a series of training and global knowledge exchange initiatives on poverty reduction, benefiting 1305 participants from 96 countries, including Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and four Central Asian countries.

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