Poverty Reduction


Case Study of the China Agriculture Special Task Force

This case study of the China Agriculture Special Task Force (AESTF) is one of a series of case studies on scaling up local innovations for poverty reduction. The China Agriculture Special Task Force (AESTF) uses demand-driven and market-oriented mechanisms to link farmers more directly to improvedmore


Chapter of the Thematic Background Report for 2013 Global Poverty Reduction and Development Forum

This paper describes the scale and nature of urban poverty in low- and middle-income nations and summarizes the different approaches that have been tried to reduce it.   It draws on the literature not only on poverty but also on deprivations associated with poverty – poor quality housingmore


Conference Report Middle Income Countries' Development Cooperation Experience Exchange

The conference ‘Middle Income Countries’ Development Cooperation Experience Exchange’ was co-hosted by the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) and UNDP China, in Beijing 17–18 January 2013. The conference brought together participants from 15 countries, with anmore

Our Work - Poverty Reduction

UNDP works to assist the government in ensuring that the benefits of China’s rapid advances in so many areas are enjoyed by all. UNDP’s approach emphasises tackling the causes of poverty, rather than merely alleviating its symptoms, and influencing attitudes among stakeholders accordingly. We also seek to ensure that cultural identity is preserved, finding solutions that allow those living in poverty to take advantage of their heritage to improve their livelihoods, rather than sacrifice it.

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