Democratic Governance


Capacity Development of Civil Society Organisations: Towards Inclusive Social Management in China

This report is one of a series of four that seeks to engage experts, practitioners and policy-makers to critically analyse the successes and lessons learnt from the cooperative efforts made during the project. In this paper, the project’s impact on the development of Civil Society Organisationsmore


China's Ascension to WTO: Challenges for Women in the Agricultural and Industrial Sectors

Many countries' experience has shown that globalization tends to have a different impact on women and men, depending on their social and economic positions and their access to and control over resources. While some women enjoy greater economic opportunities, others are exposed to increasedmore


Civil Society in China: A New Force for Equitable Development - Experiences and Thoughts of a Legal Aid CSO

The First Monograph of Governance for Equitable Development Project (GED Project). The GED project is about supporting the process of governance in China towards more transparency and accountability while strengthening the emerging institutions of the NPC, the judiciary and civil society. Themore

Our Work - Democratic Governance

UNDP works with the Government by supporting the current 12th Five-Year Plan which includes goals to make the governance process in China more transparent, equitable and inclusive, by supporting pilot projects for new governance techniques and providing high-level context-specific policy recommendations. At present our shared focus is on improving the rule of law, promoting more widespread participation through government performance assessment and extending social governance by increasing the involvement of civil society in the governance process.

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