Poverty Reduction


Post-flood Early Recovery Need Assessment Report

The 2013 monsoon rainy season (May - October 2013) saw large-scale flooding return to South-East Asia after a calmer 2012. Consequently, in the third week of the last quarter of 2013, a combination of successive typhoons, a significant rise in the level of the Mekong River, trans-boundary flashmore


Cambodia Trade Integration Strategy 2014-2018

Cambodia has been quite successful heretofore in integrating the global economy through trade and investment. Progress since the mid-2000s is significant. But world markets are ever changing with new competitors continuously emerging to challenge Cambodia’s export sectors. The challenge for themore


Clearing for Results - Annual Report 2013

2013 is the halfway point for the Clearing for Results II (CFR II) project with continued activities in mine clearance and capacity development, as well as significant initiatives such as the project Mid-Term Review (MTR). The MTR was key in ensuring that the Cambodian Mine Action and Victimmore


Microinsurance Study

Cambodia’s microinsurance industry is relatively new. To support the industry’s development, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will assist the Royal Government of Cambodia in assessing the demand for and understanding of microinsurance products among rural low-income households. Themore


Clearing for Results - Annual Report 2012

While 2011 was a first year of national implementation of Clearing for Results Phase 2 (CFR---II) and a transition year with challenges to overcome, 2012 was a year of consolidation where the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) took a greater ownership on the implementationmore


Rice Policy Discussion Paper

The overall purpose of this paper is to examine the role of agriculture and food policy in Cambodia’s pursuit of industrialization. It begins with a brief review of economic trends, sources of growth and structural weaknesses. It then goes on to discuss the role of agriculture focusing onmore


Industrial Development Discussion Paper

Cambodia has achieved significant success in recent years and has enjoyed the fastest growth in South-East Asia over 2001-2010. The garment sector dominates its manufacturing, but it has also achieved strong performance in agriculture, tourism and construction. Nevertheless, it is well recognizedmore


2013 HDR Analysis on Cambodia

The concept of human development entails freeing and enlarging people’s choices within a society. In principle, these choices could be infinite, but there are three essential elements. People should: - lead longer and healthier lives (life expectancy at birth); - attain knowledge (expected and meanmore


Cambodian MDG Scorecard 2012

CMDG scorecard report summarizes the achievement results of each province or cities on each Cambodia MDG. The results come from the analysis of information from Commune Data Base (CDB) by turning the information into bar charts, piece charts or other graphics. This is to make it easier for communemore


Human Capital Implications Of Future Economic Growth In Cambodia: Elements of a Suggested Roadmap

The global economic downturn gave everyone pause for thought, not least those countries with economies that relied largely on European and American markets for their exports. The resulting calls for economic diversification have provided an opportunity for countries to reconsider theirmore

Our Work - Poverty Reduction

UNDP partners with the Royal Government of Cambodia to identify policy options for inclusive growth and human development; support human capital and institutional capacity building in key sectors of diversification of growth; monitor and accelerate CMDG progress at national and sub-national  levels; and accelerate progress on land mine clearance.