EU supports renovation of schools on the left bank of the Nistru river in Moldova

Apr 22, 2016

EU-UNDP partnership biulds confidence through access to education in Moldova.Photo: UNDP Moldova

Over 800 children on the left bank of the Nistru River in the Republic of Moldova will get access to education in modern and safe conditions with the European Union's financial support aimed at renovating  the schools in Nezavertailovca, Hlinaia and Chitcani villages through the UNDP-implemented “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme.

Refurbishment of the school and kindergarten building in Nezavertailovca village are in full swing. The building has seen thousands of kids but no extensive repair works have been carried out since it was opened 52 years ago, in 1964. Because of the obsolete heating system, the education process here became a challenge for about 300 students and teachers. Low temperatures and mold were affecting their health.

“We tried to repair several times the old heating system, but without any results. I am sure the educational process will improve after the reconstruction finishes. Students will be more motivated to learn and we will have new achievements”, says the principal Olga Slobodzian.

Engineers already have installed a new heating system. The building with the festivity hall and gym is almost refurbished. The teachers look forward when the school will have a refreshed appearance able to welcome guests from other villages, including from the right bank of the Nistru River.

In Hlinaia, a village with a population of 5,000 people, the local school is also renovated with the European Union's financial support. The children here are looking forward to explore again the gym-slash-events hall. Because of the leaky roof, the floor got rotten, forcing the school to move its festivities into the lobby.

“We will be able to host concerts and sports competitions, with teams coming from other communities too. This way, we'll get to know our peers from other villages and will consolidate our school's traditions”, says the eleventh-form Iaroslav Baboi, a player for Hlinaia's volleyball team.

A third school currently undergoing renovation on the Nistru's left bank is in Chitcani village. The EU has granted funding worth up to 150 thousand euros to renovate each school.

Overall, through the UNDP-implemented SCBM Programme, EU has financed 70 social infrastructure buildings on both banks. The Programme aims to increase trust between the people from both banks of the Nistru River by involving local authorities, civil society organizations, and business community representatives in joint activities in two core areas: business development and improving community infrastructure.

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