UNDP spot among finalists of video contest “Shinning Stars of Europe”

Nov 18, 2015

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A 150-second spot featuring the efforts of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to support social reintegration in Burundi is among the finalists of the video contest “Shining Stars of Europe”.

The video contest is organized in the context of the European Year for Development 2015 (EYD), the first-ever European Year, which raises awareness amongst EU member-states about the importance of development aid and cooperation. The winners will be announced on November 19 during a ceremony in Brussels.

Burundi experienced a civil war between 1993 and 2006, which made hundreds of thousands of people flee their homes and communities. The return of refugees has led to tensions and problems of reintegration in host communities, threatening the fragile peace.

UNDP and its partners - NGO “Libraries Without Borders” and Play International - are supporting a series of initiatives in the south-eastern part of Burundi bringining refugees, displaced people, ex-combatants and host communities together around sports and social activities which help promote peacebuilding and enhance social coexistence.

In Mulseniy, an IDEA BOX was installed in the youth centre which consists of several modules including library, cinema, games and a computer centre. About 1,600 people, including women, are regularly visiting the centre. Play International develops sports activities following "playdagogie", a methodology which helps raise awareness about issues such as social cohabitation and health through sports. Each month about 1,100 young people, including women, participate in sports activities.

“We have been touched by the simplicity and the willingness to share of the people in the communities we have visited. They have a lot of solidarity and unity despite all the ordeals and differences”, said Eddy Mbuluyo, producer of the spot and documentary about the social reintegration of refugees through sports and culture in Burundi.

To ensure continuity of the activities upon the end of the project, 24 youth leaders were trained as volunteer facilitators and a partnership was established with the local administration and public schools wherein teachers can use educational materials from the library to strengthen their course. In addition, the local administration took over the management of the initiatives and materials to ensure the sustainability of activities in the host communities.

"Making people affected by the conflict part of the host communities is our key objective”, said Natalie Boucly, UNDP Country Director in Burundi. “With the current difficult situation in the country, activities which help promote peace and enhance social coexistence, including through sports and culture, are more important than ever”.

Credits du film  “Culture and sport to reintegrate refugees and displaced people into local communities in Burundi »
Réalisation: Grands Lacs TV
Montage: Serge N. Kashosi
Voix off: Mireille Kayeye
Script: Hortense Iradukunda
Coordination: Cristino Pedraza, Aude Rossignol
Production: PNUD Burundi


Contact information

In Brussels: Ludmila Tiganu, tel.  +32 471 702 903  ludmila.tiganu@undp.org

In Bujumbura, Burundi: Aude Rossignol, tel: +257 22 30 11 05 aude.rossignol@undp.org

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