EU contributed in 2013 over EUR 185 million to UNDP interventions

May 9, 2014

The EU is one of UNDP's most important single contributor. In 2013, we signed 72 contribution agreements amounting to the total value of EUR 186 million. Over the period 2003-2013, EU funds to UNDP programmes total approximately EUR 3.5 billion.

As indicated in the chart below, the highest proportion of funding in 2013 was allocated to the Africa and Arab States regions receiving more than EUR 40 million each.  These numbers are consistent with the on-going trend since 2003. Recent EU support includes a EUR 12 million contribution to UNDP to support Madagascar in ensuring credible and transparent electoral process in the period 2012- 2015. In the Arab region, UNDP-EU will jointly work in Somalia under the framework of a EUR 9 million agreement to support local governance contributions to peace, development and equitable service delivery.

Graph 1 EU funding

UNDP’s overall focus, through the new Strategic Plan (2014-17) is on resilience, inclusion and sustainable development.  In the area of inclusion - UNDP interventions in democratic governance relate to electoral systems and processes, capacity development, parliamentary and public administration development, justice system, local governance and local development, integrated border management, human rights, gender and HIV. In 2013, UNDP-EU signed 33 contribution agreements in this area for an amount of EUR 100 million. 

In supporting the building of crisis resilience in war-torn states the EU supported 26 projects valued at EUR 56 million in 2013. Over the past decade, the EU’s total funds for conflict prevention and recovery amounted to almost EUR 1 billion. Key focus areas in this field include crisis governance, armed violence prevention, mine action, small arms and light weapons control, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, rule of law, justice and security and disaster risk reduction, recovery and rehabilitation.

In recent years, increasing prominence has been placed on climate change and sustainable development related issues. As a result, UNDP has seen a substantial increase in funding for these issues, with EU funds amounting to EUR 11 million for 4 projects.  Work on poverty eradication, development cooperation and finance (aid coordination), MDG strategies, food security, micro-credits, trade and private sector accounts for 11% of the total EU signed contributions in 2013.

These 3 areas are inextricably interlinked. One such example is the contribution of EUR 8 million provided by the EU to UNDP in Cuba to contribute to the continuing and sustainable socioeconomic and local development by strengthening food chains thus tying local development efforts with food security.

See below the thematic breakdown of EU contributions to UNDP in 2013.

graph 2 EU funding