UNDP-EC promote debate around Sustainability in Electoral Administration

Mar 22, 2013

Participants to Joint EC-UNDP Thematic Workshop on Sustainability in Electoral Administration. Photo: EC-UNDP Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance (JTF)


In cooperation with the European Union, UNDP organized a thematic workshop from 4 to 8 March 2013 in Maputo, Mozambique, that explored the main issues related to sustainability in electoral administration and allocation of adequate resources to ensure credible elections.


This joint initiative that gathered around 200 participants from 45 countries brought to the forefront the issue of the costs and funding of electoral processes and their impact on sustainability and integrity of electoral administration. This financial dimension of the process was a starting point for discussions that focused on broader issues. The workshop analyzed the different options and models promoting and ensuring sustainability in electoral administration, and looked into the role of the National Electoral Commissions in ensuring credible, transparent and independent elections.


It also examined the impact of political parties, civil society and other key electoral stakeholders on electoral processes as well as several other related issues with a direct impact on the sustainability of electoral processes.


In total, 29 presentations were delivered during the morning sessions that constituted a solid and theoretical introduction to 12 country-specific case studies built upon recent and concrete examples of countries benefiting from electoral assistance.


The workshop participants included representatives of Electoral Management Bodies, electoral practitioners, international electoral experts and representatives of international organizations active in the field of electoral assistance, mainly UNDP and the EU, who were exposed to the views of experts in an attempt to exchange experience and to produce practical recommendations.


The summary report of the workshop as well as the recommendations that were formulated by the participants will be published in the forthcoming weeks.


This activity was organized in the context of the EU-UNDP partnership on electoral assistance, which is anchored in a Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance (JTF). The JTF provides programming and technical support at country level, develops policy and knowledge, and provides training for election management bodies and other national actors - as well as for staff of the UN and the EU.