China: UNDP-EU helped strengthen rule of law and public participation

Feb 20, 2013

To strengthen Civil Society Organizations (CSO) participation in society in China, UNDP and EU supported CSOs through grants. Here, grassroots CSO on Environmental Protection in Qinghai (China), March 2011. Photo: UNDP China


Economic transition and development has stimulated rapid growth in China. However, rapid growth has also led to greater disparities and inequalities, which brings the need for rule of law and a robust civil society to the forefront.

To ensure that China’s long-term development is sustainable. The Chinese authorities have recognized the need for the public to participate more in governance processes and the importance of improved accountability and transparency in the management of public affairs.

To support China in the process, UNDP and EU jointly implemented a  project entitled “Governance for Equitable Development” (GED) during a period of five years (2007-2012) in China. The total project budget was USD$ 10.5 million, made of contributions from the European Union (US$ 8 million), UNDP (US$ 2 million) and Chinese Government (US$ 500,000).

This project, which recently came to an end, has led to improved access to justice and law-making process, and to a more favorable policy and legal environment for civil society organizations in China. 

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