Partnership at country level

The strength of the UNDP-EU partnership is at the country level. Together, we are currently present in more than 140 developing and transition countries, where we support governments, local authorities, civil society and citizens to advance on human development.

Some of the results achieved worldwide with the help of the partnership are illustrated in the annual Partnership Reports, which highlight the joint UN-EU efforts in support of national development in more than 140 countries. UNDP’s development coordination role in the UN – globally and at country level – provides a valuable angle to our collaboration.

Also our success stories highlight some of the many results that we have supported countries to achieve.

Value of EU-UNDP agreements signed per region in 2003-2011 in million EURValue of EU-UNDP agreements signed per region in 2003-2014 in million EUR
Top Ten Countries 2003-2014 * Includes Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Iraq (UNDG-ITF) ** Includes regional projects such as EUBAM which accounts for EUR 94 million