EU funding to UNDP

The EU is an important global actor in development and humanitarian aid, and peace and security. The EU contributions to UNDP over the last decade have been considerable. In 2014 alone, we signed 66 contribution agreements for a total value of EUR 435 million.

EU contributions to UNDP have increased significantly over the last decade (peaking in 2005 as a consequence of the reconstruction efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan) and remaining at a significant level since, with around 3.5 billion EUR allocated by the EU to the UNDP.

Funding by practice area

During the last EU financial framework, the focus of our partnership has been in the areas of Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding, which is clearly demonstrated by the picture below. This focus of the partnership represents the engagement that was made when we entered into a Strategic Partnership in 2004. Sustainable Development and Climate and Disaster Resilience are two other areas where we work together, and hope to continue through the new Strategic Plan (2014-2017) which will focus on resilience, inclusion and sustainable development.

Annual thematic breakdown of EU contributions to UNDP activities in 2003-2014 (in million EUR)
chartEU contributions to UNDP during 2003-2014 per practice area (in million EUR).

Funding by geographic region

During the period 2003-2014, the EU has funded UNDP-programmes and projects around the world. A majority of the funding during this period went to Asia and the Pacific region (EUR 915 million), where Afghanistan and Bangladesh have been some of the countries where our partnership has been especially extensive.

Regional breakdown of EU contributions to UNDPRegional breakdown of EU contributions to UNDP in million Eur between 2003 and 2014