Poverty Reduction

UNDP works to reduce poverty by promoting inclusive and sustainable human development. We focus our efforts on making growth and trade benefit everyone in developing countries. Unless economic growth is inclusive, it will not reduce poverty, improve equality and produce jobs. Inclusive growth is also essential for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). UNDP's work in Poverty Reduction

UNDP-EU partnership

Poverty reduction is a central part of development policies and strategies of both UNDP and the EU. Together, we work to make real improvements in people’s lives, opening up their choices and opportunities. The partnership is multifaceted and covers all the developing regions of the world. more

Poverty reduction and education linked

Access to education is important for reducing poverty. Recognizing this, UNDP and EU support education initiatives in many countries. For example in Bangladesh, the partnership helped 20,000 children in the remote area of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh to gain access to education. Photo: Safina Ilias/UNDP Bangladesh

Our Stories

  • Awareness Event in connection to Family Empowerment activities in Egypt. Photo: UNDP Egypt

    The taboo has been broken: Fighting Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt
    Awareness raising

    "When I first went into the villages in 2005 to talk to people about abandoning Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), one grandmother screamed at me: 'if this girl doesn't have her thing [clitoris] cut off, I will cut off her head,'" recounts Himat, a coordinator working in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Beni Suef through the Young Muslim Women Association, a local Egyptian organization. more

  • Transfer of unused land in Cuba to farmers led to 1.4 million acres freed for cattle farming.

    UNDP-EU support to farmers helps Cuba depend less on imports

    In Cuba, food security is an enormous challenge. Low agricultural productivity makes the country highly dependent on imported food. In 2009, the country imported about 80more

  • Photo: UNDP Georgia, David Khizanishvili

    A little goes a long way in Georgia
    growing flowers

    Dali Chilachava and her family fled their home village in Abkhazia, Georgia, after separatist conflict broke out in the region in 1993. For 12 years they endured extreme poverty, until a EU-supported microfinance programme helped them to start a small business growing and selling lilies.more

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  • A bank representative helps customers in Fiji manage their electronic bank accounts. (Photo: Jeff Liew/UNCDF)

    Bringing financial services to the Pacific's poorest

    Dulari is a beneficiary of the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme, aimed at expanding financial services to low-income, rural and vulnerable populations in the Pacific Islands, including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu. The initiative is a joint venture by UNDP, EU and other partners. more

Our Initiatives

Joint Migration and Development Initiative

Increasingly, there is recognition of the role that migration can play – and does play – for development. The Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI), funded by the EU and the Swiss Development Agency, is a testimony to this growing interest in the strong links between migration and development. more

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