UNDP’s Representation Office in Brussels partners with the institutions of the European Union (EU). Together with our EU partners, we work to promote and advance the development agenda and the international UN standards both in EU policy discussions and in the external action of the European Union. Both UNDP and EU are active partners in the dialogue on the implementation of the 2030 development agenda. More about the framework of the partnership

UNDP-EU partnership on the ground

The European Union is a very important partner to UNDP in contributing to our common global development agenda. We share the same values and objectives - respect for human rights and the rule of law; equal access to development opportunities for all; and fight against poverty around the world. However, our overarching goal is to translate these norms into practical realities – above all for the poorest and most vulnerable members of the human family.

UNDP-EU partnership

Over the past years, UNDP and the EU have partnered in nearly 140 countries to deepen democratic governance, prevent or recover from conflict and natural disasters, and adapt to climate change and are currently working together on about 170 projects worldwide in these areas. Photo: Timor Leste. Timorese Celebrate International Day of Peace. UN Photo/Martine Perret.More

Our Stories

Gunay Guliyeva established a cattle breeding business after a training at the newly established Women Resource Center. Photo: UNDP Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, rural women start breaking the cycle of poverty

In Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku, it is not hard to find successful women who run their own businesses or hold high positions in companies and governmentMore 

The Waldo Díaz Fuentes Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA) employs 18 women who are trained to grow agricultural products without harming the environment.

Adapting Cuban agriculture helps increase food security

“My day starts very early in the morning by checking if plants were not damaged during the night. Then we start weeding, hoeing and sowing theMore 

Through cultural heritage, EU and UNDP bring Cypriots across borders together

Christina Pavlou Solomi Patsia is a former Greek Cypriot resident of the Komi Kebir/Buyukkonuk village, where UNDP recently finished restoring the Agios Afksentios Church. As aMore 

Photo: UNDP Albania

One year on, Albania remembers its deadliest floods

Ali is a shepherd from Suhe Village in Gjirokaster, in southern Albania. Each day he rises at dawn to care for his grass-fed sheep. He makesMore 

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  • EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative

    The JMDI supports civil society organizations and local authorities seeking to contribute to linking migration and development. It also explores best practices in the area, and helps to set up networks of actors working on migration and development.more 

  • EC-UNDP Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance

    The focus of the JTF is on identification, formulation, implementation support and monitoring of all the EC-UNDP projects of electoral assistance. The lessons learnt are consolidated and codified so that they can effectively feed into the implementation of the new electoral assistance projects (and) into the joint EC-UNDP trainings on Effective Electoral Assistance”.more 

  • Articulation of Territorial Networks for Sustainable Human Development (ART Programme)

    ART* is a global UNDP initiative that promotes sustainable human development at the local level. UNDP launched the ART Global Initiative in 2005, as part of its commitment to support countries in their efforts to accelerate progress on the Millennium Development Goals and to achieve sustainable development. more 

  • Parliamentary Action on Renewable Energy (PARE)

    The project helps countries to generate renewable energy in a wide range of contexts, from large-scale solar power stations or wind farms, to small-scale biogas digesters which can turn agricultural waste into cooking gas for a single household. more 

  • ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme

    An initiative to support the low-value minerals and materials sector in the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States.The sector includes the mining of construction materials, dimension stones, industrial minerals and low-grade metals and precious stones.more 

  • Parliamentary Development

    AGORA (www.agora-parl.org) has become a leading portal for the parliamentary development community. It connects Members of Parliament, parliamentary staff and civil society organizations with international organizations, parliamentary development experts and professionals to assure cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and best practices. more