UNDP-EU partnership: stories from the field

Here you will find stories that illustrate the partnership between UNDP and the Europan Union in the field. Given that our partnership covers over 100 countries and spans over a decade, these stories represent just a fraction of what we do together. They are however important as they show what difference our partnership makes in the lives of people. They show how we help empower people and support the building of resilient nations.

Our Stories


Removing physical barriers to Cyprus reunification

Antigoni Kallouri and Necmi Maraşuna were among those Cypriot farmers, on both sides of the island, who for many years could not access their lands. The presence of landmines in the buffer zone between the northern and southern part of Cyprus made cultivating local farmlands too dangerous. “A few yemore


Rebuilding Haiti

Gera, a young pregnant woman living in the hills of Carrefour-Feuilles in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is much relieved that the rehabilitation of the alleyway leading to her house has been completed.   Before that, “it was impractical moving around in the neighbourhood and going to the hospital, esmore


Sowing seeds of recovery in post-flood Pakistan

“My half-acre of paddy field, two hens and goat were washed away in the flooding,” reports Imam Bibi, a 60-year-old farmer from Hindu Wan village in Punjab, Pakistan. “This farming package comes as a blessing at this dismal time.” Bibi was among the nearly 10,000 recipients of a seed and fertilizer more


Street children in China see hope for a better future

To the average observer, eleven year old Wang Nan* and fifteen year old Li Dong* look like any other boys their age. But what might seem like an ordinary life on the surface hides a quite extraordinary childhood. Roaming the streets in gangs by day, the boys spent their nights at ATM booths, beggingmore


Strengthening safety and security in South East Europe

“The world is over-armed and peace is under-funded” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon warned in August 2012 at the 62nd UN DPI/NGO annual conference. In 2011, global military expenditure accounted for $1.74 trillion a year ($4.6 billion a day), while global development assistance amounted for $133.5 more


Support to the further implementation of local administration reform in Turkey

Local administration reform initiatives of Turkey stands in the midst of the robust reform agenda of the Government of Turkey, with an aim of strengthening the basis for citizen-centered service delivery with an increased responsiveness to the expectations and needs of the disadvantaged groups, imprmore