UNDP-EU partnership: stories from the field

Here you will find stories that illustrate the partnership between UNDP and the Europan Union in the field. Given that our partnership covers over 100 countries and spans over a decade, these stories represent just a fraction of what we do together. They are however important as they show what difference our partnership makes in the lives of people. They show how we help empower people and support the building of resilient nations.

Our Stories


Turkmenistan: Helping people with disabilities move forward

Yuriy Kulik might have remained unemployed, relegated to the fringes of society in Turkmenistan. After losing his sight as a teenager, he could not find a job that would accommodate his disability. But in 2005, Kulik took part in an intensive course that taught him how to adapt without his sight. Itmore


UN-EU support repatriation and reintegration of war affected populations in Burundi

Burundi suffered from 1993 to 2007 an armed conflict which led to an exodus of large numbers of civilians. In recent years, and following a peace process initiated in 2007, many conflict affected populations started to return to their places of origin. The provinces of Bururi, Makamba and Rutana in more


UNDP-EU support to farmers helps Cuba depend less on imports

In Cuba, food security is an enormous challenge. Low agricultural productivity makes the country highly dependent on imported food. In 2009, the country imported about 80 percent of its domestic food requirements. This dependency makes Cuba very vulnerable to increases in international food prices.&more


UNDP-EU support to improve Capacity Development in Seychelles

The main objective of the Seychelles Governance Capacity Building Programme which is funded by the European Union (EU), is to support the efforts of State and Non State Actors to continue improving and strengthening governance capacity in Seychelles with an emphasis on the area of human (including gmore


Ukraine: Promoting Change at the Local Level

Until recently, the inhabitants of Pavlovka, a small town in Ukraine, had access to piped water for only three hours a day and sometimes not at all. Every day, the people of this community in Crimea had to carry buckets to a canal to retrieve water, just as the previous generations of the town did. more


Uzbekistan: Empowering communities to address local needs

The Government of Uzbekistan has been increasing the role of local authorities and communities in providing essential services and encouraging more funding to come from local resources. Since 2005, the Enhancing Living Standards (ELS) Programme has helped bring communities together to discuss commonmore