UNDP-EU partnership in the field

Here you will find some stories from the field to illustrate the partnership of UNDP and EU in the area of Environment and Energy.

Our Stories

  • Backyard fish farm, an answer to food insecurity in rural CambodiaBackyard fish farm, an answer to food insecurity in rural CambodiaJan 30, 2014A project in Cambodia is providing small grants to help families increase their income while combatting climate change.

  • Biodiversity projects improve lives in ChinaBiodiversity projects improve lives in ChinaJan 8, 2013The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), identified 18 villages in the area to carry out community-based projects aimed at conserving biodiversity and improving local people’s livelihoods.

  • Bringing light to Afghanistan's villagesBringing light to Afghanistan's villagesJan 16, 2015In Afghanistan, UNDP is bringing sustainable hydro-electricity to Afghanistan's rural and most remote areas. By October 2013, 127 micro hydro power plants had been built, benefiting close to 150,000 people.

  • In Moldova, big plans for biomassIn Moldova, big plans for biomassMay 6, 2013

  • Jordan to become first Arab country free of minefieldsJordan to become first Arab country free of minefieldsJul 8, 2014Jordan is the first country in the Middle East to meet the deadline set by the Ottawa Mine-Ban Treaty and declare itself free of minefields. The Northern Border Clearance Project, which celebrated its completion today, succeeded in clearing an estimated 136,000 landmines (anti-personnel and anti-tank) in a mine belt of approximately 10.5 square Km in area, stretching 104 Km along the Jordan-Syria border.

  • Managing the Black Sea and the Danube River BasinManaging the Black Sea and the Danube River BasinJan 8, 2013The Danube River flows through many Eastern European countries before reaching the Black Sea. For decades, the discharge of polluted water into the Danube resulted in nutrient over-enrichment in the Black Sea, affecting fish stocks, beaches and the incidence of waterborne disease. UNDP worked closely with the GEF in its Danube and Black Sea programmes. Along with the GEF, the European Union, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development funded the programmes.

  • Micro-hydro brings energy to AfghanistanMicro-hydro brings energy to AfghanistanFeb 21, 2013Micro hydroelectric power plants are bringing light and energy to households, schools, and small businesses in Afghanistan.

  • New reservoir improves livelihood for 10,000 South SudaneseNew reservoir improves livelihood for 10,000 South SudaneseJan 8, 2013Before the development of a new water reservoir in the El Ganaya district of South Sudan, members of the Turab family, often the women, had to trek four hours just to collect enough water to survive.

  • Women Fuel Success in MoldovaWomen Fuel Success in MoldovaJun 26, 2014Ludmila Abramciuc is the first ever woman to head a renewable energy company in Moldova. In her hometown of Balti, she manages a thriving biomass fuel briquette business – “Ecobricheta” - that has greatly expanded recently with support from a programme funded by the European Union and implemented and co-financed by UNDP. Through assistance from the Energy and Biomass Project, as well as the Energy Efficiency Agency, Ludmila’s business has recently increased its output threefold.