Environment and Energy

The poor are disproportionately affected by environmental degradation and lack of access to clean, affordable energy services. UNDP helps countries strengthen their capacity to address these challenges at the global, national and community levels, seeking out and sharing best practices, providing innovative policy advice and linking partners through pilot projects.Read more about UNDP's work on Energy and Environment

UNDP-EU partnership

UNDP and EU share the same values on environment and energy. To promote these values globally, we strengthen national capacities, and help countries manage the environment in a sustainable manner. An important aspect is ensuring adequate protection for the poor. more

Supporting access to green energy

UNDP and EU work together to support communities in developing countries to gain access to energy. Here, community members in the Espaillat province in the Dominican Republic carry out a river profile study before the establishment of a micro-hydro power station. With the support of the UNDP-EU partnership, 1,510 rural families in this province gained access to energy from micro-hydro systems. Photo: UNDP Dominican Republic.

Our Stories

  • Mr. Say Sorn and his wife, Yi Sinuon, feed fish they raise in the backyard of their house in Siem Reap province. Photo: Alejandro Boza/ UNDP Cambodia

    In rural Cambodia, backyard fish farms answer food insecurity

    In the past, when he needed fish for his wife to cook, Say Sorn used to cast a net in the canal of his village, in the Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia. These days he can just get it right from his backyard, currently occupied by a giant water filtration tank, hatching containers, and 12 fish ponds holding altogether about three tons of fish.more

  • Villagers work high in the Hindu Kush to build the aqueducts that will feed the micro hydro power plant below. The plant will provide electricity for all the families in the village at the base of the mountains. Photo credit: UNDP/NABDP

    Bringing light to Afghanistan's villages

    At night, apart from the occasional flickering light of a kerosene lamp, Amir Hussain's village used to be shrouded in darkness. Until recently, the 150 families living in Sarasyab Shekhani, in Afghanistan’s remote mountainous northern Samangan Province, didn't have access to electricity.more

  • Low Emission Capacity Building Programme

    Together with the EU and Germany, UNDP has embarked on a global initiative to support national climate change mitigation efforts. This includes developing strategies for lowering emissions but also improving the measuring, reporting and verification systems. As of March 2012, 25 countries were supported by this programme.more