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UNDP and EU share the same values on environment and energy. To promote these values globally, we strengthen national capacities, and help countries manage the environment in a sustainable manner. An important aspect is ensuring adequate protection for the poor. The partnership between UNDP and EU in the area of Environment & Energy has increased in the last years, and includes several innovative global programmes, that in turn provide best practices that we and our other partners can build upon.

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Our Stories

Biodiversity projects improve lives in China

Yu Zerun, a farmer from Daping village in the Sichuan province, Western China, used to harvest rare medicinal plants in protected areas of the Upper Yangtze more

Managing the Black Sea and the Danube River Basin

An ecosystem at risk The Danube River flows through many Eastern European countries before reaching the Black Sea. For decades, the discharge of polluted water into more

Thousands get clean water in Sudan

Before the development of a new water reservoir in the El Ganaya district of South Sudan, members of the Turab family, often the women, had to more

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Our Initiatives


The Guiana Shield Facility – a key success story on sustainable development

For the last two decades the Guiana Shield Facility (GSF) has emerged as the primary motor of sustainable development of the Guiana Shield eco-region, covering more than 2.5 million ha. The region extends from Colombia in the west to the Brazilian state of Amapá in the east, including the Venezuelan states of Delta Amacuro, Amazonas and Bolívar, encompasses all of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana and continues into the ecologically associated areas of the Brazilian states of Pará, Roraima and Amazonas more

Low Emission Capacity Building Programme

Together with the EU and Germany, UNDP has embarked on a global initiative to support national climate change mitigation efforts. This includes developing strategies for lowering emissions but also improving the measuring, reporting and verification systems. As of March 2012, 25 countries were supported by this programme. more


Rebeca Grynspan, Associate Administrator of UNDP talks about the EU-UN Global Partnership and the “EU-UN Toolkit and Guidance for Preventing and Managing Land and Natural Resources conflict".

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