Democratic Governance

More countries than ever before are working to build democratic governance. Their challenge is to develop institutions and processes that are more responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, including the poor, and that promote development. UNDP helps countries strengthen electoral and legislative systems, improve access to justice and public administration and develop a greater capacity to deliver basic services to those most in need. More on UNDP and Democratic Governance

UNDP-EU partnership

The partnership of UNDP and the EU in governance covers a wide field of interventions, both at the policy level and on the ground in numerous countries. In 2011 alone, UNDP and EU signed contracts for over EUR 150 million in the area of democratic governance.more


The UNDP-EU partnership supports local governance initiatives. In Bangladesh, court yard meetings such as this raise the communities awareness about village courts and how they can support the villagers. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh, Anamul Haque Khasru

Our Stories

  • Motto of the programme "Supporting Integrated Border Management in the South Caucasus". Photo: UNDP Armenia

    Towards open, but secure borders in the South Caucasus

    It is not a secret for anybody that the world has changed drastically in the past two decades. The collapse of the Soviet Union and themore

  • A paralegal trained by UNDP gives legal assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Ajuran IDP camp in Garowe. (Photo: Noor Khamis/UNDP Somalia)

    In Somaliland, local communities benefit from decentralization

    For Fosia Ahmed Ismail, a returnee to the Somaliland district of Hargeisa, life was hard. Many basic services were inadequately delivered, and access to authorities wasmore

  • Local community members building a water pipe. Photo: UNDP Ukraine

    Ukraine: Promoting Change at the Local Level

    Until recently, the inhabitants of Pavlovka, a small town in Ukraine, had access to piped water for only three hours a day and sometimes not at all. Every day, the people of this community in Crimea had to carry buckets to a canal to retrieve water, just as the previous generations of the town did. However, in 2008, UNDP’s Crimea Integration and Development Programme became a key mover for change for the little town. more

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  • Sumaya Al Arounony casting her ballot in the Tunisia Constituent Assembly Elections. (Photo: Noeman AlSayyad/UNDP)

    EU&UNDP supporting democratic elections in the new Tunisia

    Sumaya Al Arounony, a second year student of informatics from the coastal town of Ben Arous in Tunisia, had never voted before. But, on the morning of 23 October 2011 that was not the only reason for her eagerness to vote. She was also a candidate and, at 22, one of the youngest on the list.more