Justice and Rule of Law

 courtroom in a Bangladesh village
UNDP-EU support in bringing court rooms to villages in Bangladesh has helped making justice accessible for the poor. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh


The poor and marginalized are too often denied the ability to seek remedies in a fair justice system. UNDP promotes effective, responsive, accessible and fair justice systems as a pillar of democratic governance.


Together with the EU, we assist poor and marginalized people to use formal and/or informal institutions in order to seek justice. For example, in Bangladesh, we worked with the government to improve access to justice for people through village courts, which, in addition to helping solve cases before they escalated, also helped clear the backlog of unsolved cases at the national level.


In Lebanon, we provided support on many levels to the country. We supported the Ministry of Justice to become more transparent and efficient, but we also aimed at raising citizens’ awareness about justice and legal related matters. As many citizens can’t afford the cost of legal aid, we also focused on supporting access to justice for vulnerable groups.


Rule of law entails equal protection of human rights of individuals and groups, as well as equal punishment under the law. Rule of law ensures that all citizens are treated equally and are subject to law rather than to the whims of the powerful. The UNDP-EU partnership has supported many countries over the years in the area of rule of law.


In China, we supported the country to strengthen the rule of law and the participation of civil society. Recently, we engaged on a project in Zimbabwe to strengthen the human rights commission in the country. The aim is that this will contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights and to the strengthening of the rule of law in Zimbabwe.


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