UNDP-EU: Democratic Governance

Support to elections - before, during and after Election Day - is an important part of the UNDP-EU partnership in the area of democratic governance. On 23 October 2011 — the date of Tunisia’s first free and democratic elections — 76 percent of the country’s 4.1 million registered voters cast their ballots, with critical support from UNDP and the European Union. Photo: UNDP Tunisia, Noeman AlSayyad

Credible, transparent and fair elections and functioning democratic parliaments are two pillars of a democratic governance system in any country around the world. The partnership between the EU and UNDP is particularly strong in these two areas.

In addition, the partnership spans from promoting countries to advance on human rights, to ensuring that citizens can participate in their societies and that they have equal access to justice. It helps countries manage their borders, train the police and judges. To ensure that local communities have a say in their development the partnership assists countries with decentralization and local governance.

An integral part of UNDP-EU joint initiatives is ensuring that also women participate on equal terms and that their rights are respected.

EU-support to democratic governance

graph on democratic governance
EU contributions to UNDP's work in the area of Democratic Governance in 2003-2011 (in million EUR)