Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

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UNDP’s work in conflict prevention is focused on supporting national and local institutions and leadership in their efforts to prevent violence, manage conflicts constructively, and engage peacefully in political transitions. A large part of this work involves working with local communities and governments to set up ways of managing disputes through inclusive participation and dialogue. It entails helping people find ways to disagree on issues without resorting to violence.


Together with the EU, we have a long history of close cooperation in the field of conflict prevention. Our partnership includes global programmes on issues such as strengthening capacities for sustainable management of land and natural resources; working towards an integrated approach to disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR); and developing domestic capacities and  institutions for mediation and dialogue.  Many of these global programmes are funded by the EU through its Instrument for Stability (IfS), which shows great synergies with UNDP’s work in the area of crisis prevention and recovery.


In countries, we work together to promote dialogue at the local, sub-regional and national level. For example, in Lebanon, we support the country to find peaceful and inclusive ways to engage in dialogue, in order to build trust both at the local and national level.

Our Stories

  • Natalia Podolean talks to psychologist about how her life and that of her family radically changed after she came to the “Apriori” Centre. Photo: UNDP Moldova

    Confidence brings changes for better in Moldova

    Natalia Podolean works hard to be able to bring up her son. For the sake of her 10 year-old boy she came to “Apriori” Centre, a nongovernmental organization in Tiraspol, which with UNDP-EU support provides free legal and psychosocial counseling to vulnerable persons from the eastern region of the Republic of Moldova, the so-called Transnistrian region.more

Our Projects

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Instrument for Stability (IfS)

Read more about the EU-UNDP partnership in the framework of the Instrument for Stability, which is a rapid and flexible mechanism at the disposal of the EU to prevent conflict, support post-conflict political stabilization and to ensure early recovery after a natural disaster.

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