Rural and Regional Development

The Rural and Regional Development Sector focuses on a comprehensive approach to development at the local level, in line with European principles and norms. Through its five regional offices, the Sector targets: improving local government capacity to plan, identify priorities and deliver results; stimulating economic recovery through entrepreneurial activity, job growth and investment, increasing the competitiveness of local producers and income generation; strengthening local priority infrastructure; delivery of social services to vulnerable populations, and the sustainable use of natural resources and energy efficiency.

Geographically the Sector focuses on the 70 least developed municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In-depth

Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme (SRRP)

SRRP was designed to support the local population – both those who remained, and those who returned. more

Our Stories

  • Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme aimed to strengthen local producers, by providing them with technical assistance and coaching in modern agriculture production methods.

    Making a living from land

    Once a relatively prosperous area, the region covered by the municipalities of Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milici in eastern Bosnia suffered immense human losses during the 1992-1995 more

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Projects and Initiatives

Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme (SRRP)

Srebrenica region has been facing manifold challenges due to 1992-1995 war destruction. Huge human losses, difficult transition, political obstructions, all of that made Srebrenica region one of the most depressed, lagging behind the rest of the country. Destruction of majority and collapse of remaining large scale industry has led to high unemployment and poverty. Local population, especially returnees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), relied on agriculture as main source of income. But due to the lack of capital, technical expertise and access to markets, agricultural production was at a very low level. Weak local administration and supporting institutions could not provide quality services to entrepreneurs and farmers. more

Municipal Training System

Local governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) face a number of challenges posed by a constantly changing regulatory framework, and increasing demands for participatory local development and the improvement of public services. These challenges can only be successfully addressed by a local administration staffed with qualified and motivated individuals. more

Migration and Development

The role of migration in development, poverty reduction and economic growth is substantial and its benefits affect both the countries of destination and the countries of origin. Specifically, migration contributes to economic growth and development by enhancing any country’s trade, investment and development linkages, including by serving as a channel for development finance (remittances), the transfer of skills and ideas, and the establishment of commercial and cultural networks. However, the potential of migration to improve development outcomes in a wider sense, including in social and cultural dimensions, tends to receive little policy attention. more

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