Procurement Methods

UNDP Procurement is based on competitive bidding. Depending on the type, complexity, size and value of the project and its procurement elements, commonly used methods of solicitation include:


An RFQ is an informal invitation to submit a quotation, usually for goods/services/civil works at a value of between USD2,500 and USD100,000. Prices, and other commercial terms and conditions are requested and an award is given to the lowest-priced, technically-acceptable offer.


An ITB is a formal invitation to submit a bid, usually associated with requirements that are clearly and concisely defined, with an estimated procurement value of USD100,000 or more. Normally price is the sole determinant in making an award. Where all technical criteria are met, an award is given to the lowest bidder.


An RFP is a formal request to submit a proposal, usually associated with requirements for services that cannot be clearly or concisely defined, with an estimated procurement value of USD100,000 or more. Price is only one of several factors comprising the evaluation criteria. An award is given to the qualified bidder whose bid substantially conforms to the requirements set forth on the solicitation documents and is evaluated to have the lowest cost for UNDP.

In some cases, exceptions to competitive bidding are made and direct contracting is used. This usually happens when a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) is in place, either globally (IAPSO or HQ) or locally (at country office level).

For values less than USD2,500 country offices may engage in local shopping.

Evaluation of Offers

Depending on the procurement method, different factors are used in the evaluation process.

When evaluating RFQs and ITBs, the price is the most important element. In contrast to this, an RFP requires a technical evaluation. The technical component primarily determines whether the proposal will be accepted or declined. Additionally, UNDP evaluates its products and services based on the following criteria:


  • Meet technical specifications
  • Delivery
  • Environmentally sound
  • Quality Assurance
  • Accuracy of documentation
  • Speed of response
  • Customer service


  • Provides Technical Solutions
  • Competency

Conditions of Contract

In order to be a future supplier for the United Nations Development Programme, contractors must accept UNDP’s General Terms and Conditions.

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Procurement Notices


List of contract awards

Project title


Vendor name

Value $

Works on BSL 3 Level laboratory in Sarajevo   UNIGRADNJA Sarajevo 684,644.60
Works on expanding of business incubator production in Srebrenica   DZENA doo Gradacac 138,730.40 
Instalation of briquettes boilers two schools in Srebrenica   PROGRES Bratunac 217,955.40
Destruction of anti-aircraft and artillery ammunition   AMMSOL Banja Luka 250,800.00 
Destruction of small arms and light weapons ammuntion   AMPHIBIA Sarajevo 289,600.80
Works on Hospital Travnik - pulmonary ward   VISAK doo Mostar 155,774.70
Works on BSL 2 Level laboratory in Bijeljina   VISAK doo Mostar 224,322.90
Works on Ventilation system in TB ward in Banja Luka   VISAK doo Mostar 296,040.00 
Roof reconstruction on Cantonal Hospital in Bihać   DZENA doo Gradacac 366,797.60
Road asphalting Brda-Bakovic 1541 m in Srebrenica area   ZVORNIKPUTEVI Zvornik 139,318.80 

Installation of LED traffic lights in Tuzla crossroads


Step dd sarajevo


Raspberry seedlings for farmers in Srebrenica Municipality


HEKO doo Bugojno


Reconstruction on new municipal premises in Cultural center in Bratunac


PROGRES Bratunac


Asphalt paving of Pervani_grabosko road


Zvornikputevi; Zvornik


Provision of extension services in Srebrenica region


Reg Savjetodavna sluzba Bratunac


Installation of Anti-balst doors on 14 ammunition storages


Consortium Albera & Profit


Reconstruction and establishment of two MDR TB wards (Sarajevo and Banja Luka)


Medico inzenjering


Civil works on rehabilitation and reconstruction of Kazani-Gostilj, water transportation pipeline in Srebrenica


SF Inzenjering


Supply and distribution of diagnostic tests HIV/HCV




Dispose of 147,354 piece of fuses and hand grenades


Binas d.d.


Construction works on energy efficient reconstruction of Culture Centre Bihac


Alivuk doo Bihac


Replacement of old joinery and construction of thermal facade on Milici primary school


JOKIC-INVEST d.o.o. Zvornik


Reconstruction of Laboratories for diagnostic of tuberculosis -Clinical Hospital Zenica and Clinical Hospital for pulmonary diseases in Travnik


INTEGRA d.o.o. Zenica


Reconstruction of Laboratory for diagnostic of tuberculosis - Clinical Hospital Bihac


VISAK doo Mostar


Reconstruction works on energy efficient reconstruction of Dom Vojske (municipal administration and culture building)in Doboj


Simpro doo Doboj


energy efficient reconstruction of heating system of Culture Centre Bihac


GTO d.o.o. Bihac


Construction of expanding of Business incubator production facilities, in the Srebrenica Industrial zone


"DZENA" d.o.o. Gradacac


Reconstruction of Laboratory for diagnostic of tuberculosis within the Clinical Hospital for pulmonary diseases Podhrastovi Clinic in Sarajevo


Unigradnja doo