Water for Life - Fundamentals of Inegrated Water Resources Management

Water has always been a symbol of life to human beings. Water is a part of us and there is no human who can survive without it. A man can survive without water for around 8 days only, while it is considered that, without food, a man can sur-vive surpassingly longer, up to 40 days. Fresh water ismore


What Does It Take to Absorb the Convention on Cluster Munitions? The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This study assesses the capacity of Bosnia and Herzegovina to absorb its commitments stemming from the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM). It addresses the different implementation modalities used by Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to comply with its international obligations by looking at howmore


Wool Feasibility Study

The purpose of the feasibility study is to assess conditions and market opportunities which could be utilized through better linkage between the sheep-farmers and producers, and to outline key items and success factors which will have to be considered as part of the overall project.   Themore