Justice and Security


Small Arms Survey 2010/2011

The aim of the Small Arms Survey is to offer empirically-based facts on the overall presence and impact of SALW in BiH and the corresponding potential for their presence to a destabilising affect on the peaceful and secure environment in the country. At the same time, the results can be used as anmore


Strategy for Small Arms and Light Weapons Control in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2013-2016

The Strategy is a comprehensive document that aims to enhance efficiency of all stakeholders in the area of SALW control in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The document particularly focuses on bringing the legislations in line with international standards, improving control over internal and external trademore


What Does It Take to Absorb the Convention on Cluster Munitions? The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This study assesses the capacity of Bosnia and Herzegovina to absorb its commitments stemming from the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM). It addresses the different implementation modalities used by Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to comply with its international obligations by looking at howmore


The activities of the Justice and Security Sector are designed to ensure the efficient performance of judicial institutions, access to and delivery of justice, and improved human security in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Sector aims to improve the capacities of BiH cantonal/district judicial/prosecutorial institutions and building safer communities, which includes judicial, law enforcement, and human rights services; supporting BiH citizens, primarily victims, witnesses and vulnerable groups; and reducing the risks and threats posed by natural disasters and negative consequences of war, such as weapons, ordnance and mines.