Sixth Annual Country Programme Board (CPB) Meeting

Dec 9, 2013

The CPB meeting co-hosted by the Gross National Happiness Commission and the UN System in Bhutan will examine major accomplishments, and look at how the next Bhutan One Programme can improve governance and better the lives of the people of Bhutan.  

9 December, Thimphu
– The 6th CPB meeting in Thimphu on December 9, heralds the beginning of a new development partnership between the Royal Government of Bhutan and the UN.

The meeting, jointly chaired by the Gross National Happiness Commission and the UN, will review major accomplishments and look at lessons learned over the past six years.

Looking forward, it will also explore how to best implement the next Bhutan One Programme, (2014-2018), whose key areas include: green economic growth, poverty reduction, creating more jobs, fostering gender equality, providing better healthcare and education, and making government more accountable.     

The Country Programme Board is responsible for implementing and monitoring development activities under the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and the common Country Programme Action plan (cCPAP).

The meeting will be held at the Terma Linca Resort.

Highlights of the Meeting/Day
The CPB meeting will close with the signing of the Bhutan One Programme (2014-2018), which endorses UN support for Bhutan’s 11th Five Year Plan (FYP). The new Bhutan One Programme will be implemented on January 1, 2014.  It was formulated in partnership with the GNHC in 2011, and was compiled following extensive participation and consultation with the people of Bhutan, including its youth.

About the Bhutan One Programme
The new Bhutan One Programme is strongly aligned to the priorities of the 11th FYP. It has four Outcome Areas: Sustainable Development which focuses on sustainable and green economic growth, poverty reduction and employment opportunities; Essential Social Services which focuses on strengthening health and education; Gender Equality and Child Protection which focuses on enhancement of gender equality, empowerment, and the protection of women and children; and Good Governance, which focuses on democratic governance at the national and local levels with a focus on inclusiveness, transparency, accountability, and evidence-based decision making.

About the UNDAF/cCPAP
The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF 2008-2013) and the common Country Programme Action Plan (cCPAP 2008-2013) provides a framework for cooperation between the UN system and the RGoB for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The priorities of the UNDAF 2008-2013 were fully aligned with the 10th FYP of the RGoB and provided support to five thematic areas namely Poverty, Health, Education, Governance, Environment and Disaster Management and Gender. These theme groups are co-chaired by government and the UN.

The CPB is co-chaired by the Secretary of the Gross National Happiness Commission and the United Nations Resident Coordinator. Board members comprise: Secretaries of all relevant ministries and representatives from NGO partners and the Representatives of United Nations agencies that are signatory to the UNDAF and/or cCPAP. Government and UN Theme Group co-chairs also attend the meeting.