UNDP Talks: "Microfinance and wellbeing: gender and environmental impacts in rural Thailand”

Feb 13, 2014

imageUNDP Talks Dialogues on Development in Bhutan

13 February 2014, Thimphu: The second of a series of development dialogues under the theme “UNDP Talks” took off today at the UN House. The topic “Microfinance and wellbeing: gender and environmental impacts in rural Thailand” was presented by Thanawit Bunsit, lecturer in Economics at Thaksin University (Songkhla Province, Thailand).

The talk focused on his primary research in Libong Island in the South of Thailand, using mixed methods analysis. The relevance of the research for microfinance initiatives in Bhutan, including measuring wellbeing were some of the key discussion highlights. The implications for policy related to economic development were also discussed.

Thanawit Bunsit said, “Similar dialogues would provide a good platform for sharing experiences and open UNDP work to other interested partners.”

Also covered during the discussion were the evolving perspectives of wellbeing, data collection tools, micro-finance and women’s empowerment. The event was free and attended by UNDP staff and partners.

The next UNDP Talks is planned to take place on 28th February. Follow our website and Facebook page for more information.

About UNDP Talks
UNDP Talks is a new series of dialogues that will be held on a regular basis at  the UN House in Kawajangsa, Thimphu. UNDP Talks aims to provide a neutral, non-political and informal space for discussion about issues of current interest to human development in Bhutan, in the region, and globally. The focus is on constructive and evidence-based discussion, exchanging experiences and ideas, and creating opportunities for connecting.