Stakeholder Development Post-2015 Consultations in Thimphu

Apr 12, 2013

On April 12, in Thimphu, a further consultation took place as part of the UN System in Bhutan and the Royal Government of Bhutan's Post-2015 National Consultation process.  This stage of the ongoing consultations was addressed towards development stakeholders in the country, with attendees from government, civil society and NGOs, autonomous agencies, dratshang, private sector, media, youth and UN staff.

This consultation builds on recent similar events that have taken place across the country, as well as through an electronic format, on the UN's Solution Exchange site.  It was aimed at seeking input towards the country's future development priorities, as well as to provide input towards the global development agenda after the Millennium Development Goals end in 2015.

Speakers at the event included Mr. Karma Wangdi from Centre for Bhutan Studies, Mr. Sangay Dorji from GNHC, Mr. Karma Choeda from MFA, Ms. Tashi Choden from Secretariat for the New Development Paradigm, and UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Ms. Hideko Hadzialic, who noted in her speech that Bhutan is positioned to play a very active intellectual leadership role in helping frame the Post-2015 development discussion and paradigm.

An active discussion from attendees included suggestions towards furthering global partnerships, addressing poverty and inequality, and ensuring health measures, inclusivity and that future goals are measurable. Specific areas that GNH was put forth as being able to address were gaps that exist in the current MDGs, including qualitative areas.

The potential for GNH to contribute its important sufficiency threshold was also noted, which could provide a strong response to some of the excesses of the current dominant economic paradigm.