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A bakers story

Tashi Lhamo is 26 years old and married with two children. In 2009, she said she was unable to continue her education beyond the ninth grade due to financial constraints. She soon joined the unemployed population. Seeing no reason to remain in the capital, she returned to her hometown in Zhemgang. Zmore


The Bhutanese rural woman turns business around

Bhutanese women are increasingly dominating the rural labor force. Ten years ago, 50 year old Kinga Wangmo, a farmer’s wife and mother of three, may not have imagined herself as the bread earner of the family. The family survived on the little that was harvested from the land that they owned. This wmore


Rural enterprises build community economy

Of late, the people living in Chaskar village in Eastern Bhutan have a local champion to look up to. Tenzin Dorji has brought about a quiet revolution to the village. The innovative young man was never short of dreams. In 2010, he decided to establish an incense-manufacturing unit. His proposal to tmore


Working on building communities

Pema Thinley at 23, never thought he would have money to support his small family. Already married with two children and a small time farmer he had no access to cash income. Like other villagers in Digala, Zhemgang he lived in a bamboo shack with banana leaves as a roof. As the seasons changed, he wmore

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