Poverty Reduction

Bhutan’s poverty reduction initiatives are connected to the principles of Gross National Happiness (GNH) focusing on a number of dimensions such as health, education, and living standard (including infrastructure and economic activities). In recent years, Bhutan made tremendous progress in poverty reduction, meeting its key Millennium Development Goals and improving the livelihoods of the Bhutanese people.

Our Goals

UNDP provides assistance for poverty reduction in Bhutan by implementing results based policy, plans and programmes geared towards poverty reduction and the attainment of the MDGs and other national priorities. We also assist the Royal Government of Bhutan in creating enabling environments for private sector growth, particularly of cottage and small rural enterprises; addressing the environment-poverty relationship in terms of conservation of bio-diversity with rural people's need to access natural resources for sustainable livelihoods; and realizing benefits from the integration into the global and regional economy, capacity building for trade negotiations and export promotion.more

Women's weaving group member, beneficiary of the AGFUND project.

The AGFUND project aims at alleviating rural poverty and women's empowerment. Photo Sonam Tsoki Tenzin © UNDP Bhutan

Our Stories

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